CDL Test Truck

CDL Test Truck

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Published: 23 March 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

This company uses Classic Bait and Switch techniques to defraud you of your hard earned dollars. Like dad used to say, if it sounds too good to be true, it usually is! They reel you in with their $250 low price, and then attempt to add fees galore. They will attempt to reschedule you every chance they get so they can charge you a $150 reschedule fee. They never answer the phone, and never listen to your voicemail. They also expect you to tip them on the day of your road test! Don’t take my word for it, here’s their Truck Agreement and an e-mail from them, word for word: | “”Truck Rental Contract Agreement / The Terms & Conditions To Drive The CDL Class A Road Test | 1) X ____ I understand showing up (1) one minute late to practice driving the road test on our scheduled date & time, or not showing up, will result in a $150 reschedule fee. I understand that I am not the only one training on my scheduled day to drive & by showing up (1) minute late will not give me the appropriate time to train due to a certain amount of time is allowed for each driver practicing the road test that morning. | I understand that I must arrive 15 minutes early before my scheduled time to practice. I understand that CDLs insurance will not allow me to drive the road test until I have been evaluated behind the wheel of the truck by CDLs instructor as to being safe to the public, them self & the DPS examiner. I agree the $150 reschedule fee must be paid in cash within 72 hours or CDLs services will be cancelled. I agree to not be late & I agree to arrive 15 minutes early. (NO EXCEPTIONS) | 2) X ____ I understand that black striping/marking the tractor drive tires or trailer tires from forgetting to release the yellow or red brake valve will result in a fee of $100 per tire striped/marked on the ground. This includes holding the brake in & releasing the clutch spinning the tires. Tire damage fee(s) will be paid within 72 hours of the damage or CDLs service will be cancelled. | 3) X ____ I agree to obey all traffic rules of the State of Texas. I agree that failing the road test from breaking a State of Texas law (examples: speeding, reckless driving, running a red light, running a stop sign, impeding traffic, failure to yield, no seatbelt etc. or any traffic law) will not be tolerated & will result in a $150 reschedule fee that must be paid in cash within 72 hours of the same day the law is broken. I further agree that failure to pay the $150 reschedule fee within 72 hours of the date the violation occurred will cancel all CDLs services. $150 reschedule fee must be paid in cash! (NO EXCEPTIONS) | 4) X ____ I agree to not run into a curb or back over a curb as it may cause extensive damage to the truck & trailer as well as an expense to the city. If I fail the road test due to running into a curb or backing over a curb I agree to pay a $100 reschedule fee which I agree to pay within 72 hours of failing. Failure to pay within 72 hours will cancel all CDL services. (NO EXCEPTIONS) | 5) X ____ I agree that damage caused by an accident to CDL Services truck or any other vehicle or property will be my responsibility. I agree to accept full responsibility and my personal auto insurance or myself pay cash for any and all damage caused by my judgment in driving leaving the CDL Services not held liable. I agree to obey all traffic rules of the State of Texas. | 6) X ____ I understand that failure to complete the written & road test within 60 days from the original receipt date on the receipt I will be given (1) one opportunity to pay a $150 extension fee to continue for another 15 days, or $200 for another 30 days or $225 will extend my time for 60 days. The extension will begin the day after the expiration date on the original receipt. Payments for extensions must be received before the contract expiration date. No extensions will be given after the contract date expires. | 7) X ____ I agree that my failure to memorize or pass the air brake test with the DPS examiner will result in a $100 reschedule fee. (IT IS MANDITORY TO MEMORIZE THE AIR BRAKE TEST ASAP AFTER COMPLETING WRITTEN TESTS!!!) | X ____I understand that the truck rental does not include fuel. There is a $60 fuel fee on each road test, including retakes. I will bring $60 in cash for fuel on the date of the road test. Current fuel prices may increase the fuel fee price. | 9) X ____ Unlimited retakes include not paying the rental fee of $250 should you fail the road test for accumulative points. You will have unlimited times to pass the road test without paying $250 for the rental, however there will be a $60 charge for fuel on each retake. I will bring $60 cash on the day of the road test. There will be an $80 fee to re-practice the road test with our examiner. | 10) X ____ I understand that scheduling a road test without having COMPLETED all 5 written tests will result in a $200 inconvenience fee for wasting our time & fuel coming to the DMV to do a road test when your paperwork hasnt been completed. I understand it is my responsibility to make sure the driver license office I take my written tests at enters all of my test scores at the time of passing each test & that the DMV clerk advances my paperwork in their computer from completed all written tests to now being able to drive the road test. (NO EXCEPTIONS WILL BE MADE) | 11) X ____ I understand that if the CDL Services instructor deems me unsafe & needing more practice driving before trying to perform a road test that I will have to come out several times until I am deemed safe enough to control the vehicle. I understand there will be a $80 use of truck & $60 fuel fee totaling $140 each time I come to practice. (NO PRACTICE – NO TEST – NO EXCEPTIONS) | 12) X ____ I agree should I fail the road test for any one of the agreements of 2, 3, 4 above that it will be mandatory that I will have to come re-practice the road test before driving with the examiner. The fee for re-practicing is $80 plus a $60 fuel fee totaling $140. | 13) X ____ I understand I will have to reschedule my road test due to bad weather such as rain, lightening, sleet or snow that I will not be allowed to drive on my scheduled road test date due to safety to myself, the public, DPS examiner & equipment. | 14) X ____ I agree when I schedule my road test I will notify CDL immediately by email. I agree that my failure to notify CDL by email 72 hours before my scheduled road test will result in not being allowed to drive on the date I scheduled. (NO EXCEPTIONS) | I, _______________________________________________ , have read, initialed by all lines & agree to all of the terms & conditions above. | (Your Signature Agreeing To The Above Contract/Agreement) | Name:_____________________________________________ ____ Address:__________________________________________ ________ | City:____________________________ State:______ Zip Code:____________ Phone: (______) ______-_________ | TXDL ___________________________ DOB:____/____/19___ Social Security _______ /____/_______ | ?SPECIAL NOTE: PLEASE PRINT THIS FORM IMMEDIATELY, DATE IT, INITIAL BY ALL XS, SIGN & FILL OUT. EMAIL BACK TO [email& 160;protected] OR FAX TO 214-383-5600, 469-835-4126 ?IMPORTANT: IF WE DO NOT HAVE THIS FORM IN YOUR FILE THE DAY BEFORE YOUR SCHEDULED ROAD TEST DATE, THEN DUE TO OUR INSURANCE REQUIREMENTS YOU WILL NOT BE ALLOWED TO DRIVE & YOU WILL OWE A $150 RESCHEDULE FEE. FORMS BROUGHT THE MORNING OF YOUR SCHEDULED DRIVE WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED. (THERE WILL BE NO EXCEPTIONS!) PLEASE SEND THIS FORM BACK ASAP!!!”” | E-mail from CDL Test Truck aka CDL Services: | “”SPECIAL NOTE ON SUCCESSFULLY PASSING THE ROAD TEST THE FIRST TIME >>> We are only here to rent trucks & not to train you on how to drive. We are not a school. However, tipping your instructor when you arrive to begin practicing, on the day of your road test, isn’t necessary but much appreciated. You can pay tips along your fuel fee when you first get into the truck. With tips our instructors will work harder to make sure you have the best advice & knowledge to confidently pass the road test especially with the backing & parallel parking through their observation & suggestions. Again, we rent trucks & are not a school however tipping our instructor’s for advice on your driving skills & how to successfully pass the road test, especially the backing / parallel park, so you won’t have to come back again is far worth more than the simple rental fee of a truck. Our instructors have extremely close relationships with the DPS examiners who will be administering your road test. Tips are generally based on a minimum of 20% of the cost of the rental (Example … $250 truck rental X 20% = $50 minimum & have been offered up to as high as $500). Rule of thumb, the higher the tip the more the instructor can & will do to help to insure your success on the road course the first time out. Again, tips aren’t expected but much appreciated to insure your success getting you CDL license the first time out. If you have to come back a second time it will cost you far more than a healthy tip with fuel, hotel, time off & most of all waiting weeks to get back in to take your driving test again. Again, tips aren’t expected but much appreciated. Again, should you decide to tip please give your tip in cash to our instructor when you first enter the truck before practicing the road test early in the morning.”” |

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