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Wear Your Hunting Gear to Take Aim at Cedar Finance for Deceptive, Demeaning and Dangerous Behavior

I spent the third week of March 2015 calculating monthly expenses after I decided to invest in Cedar Finance. It added to the list of expenses. I knew there wasn’t much scope but I’d to take a chance. I was presented an opportunity and I was feeling good about it. Binary trading is a good option. I took some money out and made an investment in company. I trusted their manager to train me and help me earn some money. It was all going good for me in the first couple of weeks. I, Michael, the investor was about to experience something horrible. It was something I could have never been able to prepare myself.
The trick was already played. The refusal to refund only makes it known to me and rest of the world. I wasn’t the first one. I guess there were individuals and families already been cheated by them. I could see and connect all dots, now. They took advantage of my situation. I was short of money. Where shall I go? How did it happen? I was in a shock and state of denial. It didn’t help the cause. I kept on waiting for something to happen for the next two weeks.
There were no mails, no calls. I started calling them on +1 347 486 4045 and leaving mails at [email protected] to get their attention. I told them about my financial state. Robert, the manager, stopped answering the calls. He was the first one to jump the ship. You couldn’t expect mercy from fraud artists. I was playing into their hands by doing so.
I also threatened them to expose. I asked them to return my money or else risk public wrath. There was no response. I knew they wouldn’t. There were already several complaints against them. I’d got that checked. I took a job at local restaurant. It took me a couple of months to get back on track.
I wasn’t sure what to do next, whom to trust. I asked myself to gather every possible piece of information I discussed with Cedar Finance and put it together.
I shared the whole story right from the starting point to running away with money to raise voice against Cedar Finance. These goons have a history and I’m going to ensure it stays there for a long time. You can only hurt scammers by cutting down the supply chain. I’m looking to make every potential investor know what they’re up to. There’s a strong belief they would soon pay for their acts. They don’t have a long or bright future in this trade.

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