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Published: 22 March 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

In September, 2012, I had a 30-minute colonoscopy procedure at Cedars-Sinai Hospital. PRIOR to the procedure, I inquired of Cedars-Sinai what the procedure would cost and was informed that it would be “comparable to other (Los Angeles) Westside facilities.” I discovered after receiving the initial bill that this was, in fact. gross misrepresentation. The bill was a WHOPPING $18,053.99 which Cedars-Sinai graciously (sarcasm intended) reduced by $10,633.80 to arrive at a final amount due of $7,420.19 … still EXCESSIVE based upon my research which reflects that, in 2013, almost all Westside facilities charge $3,100 for a colonoscopy. My medical insurance provider paid $2,517.72, leaving a total due of $4,902.47, which was subsequently referred to Cedars-Sinai’s collection agency, Designed Receivable Solutions, Inc. (hereinafter “DRSI”). I was informed by a DRSI employee that I was “fortunate” that I had medical insurance since, had I not had any coverage, I would have been saddled with the initial bill of $18,053.99!!! Can you imagine the poor soul who would have to pay that amount for a colonoscopy?!? In any event, it has been a nightmare ever since. DRSI has repeatedly submitted inquiries for my credit reports THREE TIMES (since February 5, 2014) that are considered “hard pulls” pursuant to the Fair Credit Reporting Act. The manager of DRSI, Ms. Gutierrez, (mis)informed me and alleged that these inquiries did not impact my credit rating. However, “hard pulls” by collection agencies are directly connected to financial transactions and can cost your credit score several points each time they occur. It is my understanding that EXCESSIVE inquiries violate the Fair Credit Reporting Act. And I consider THREE inquiries in LESS THAN 2 months and three weeks to be EXCESSIVE. It is my opinion that DRSI, with Cedars-Sinai’s approval, has pursued a strategy of intimidation to force me to acquiesce and pay what is effectively 2.5 times GREATER than almost all other Westside facilities. I attempted to arrange for a settlement that would be more than favorable to Cedars-Sinai, but my offer was rejected by both Cedars-Sinai and DRSI. Thus, I would recommend that consumers obtain WRITTEN estimates from Cedars-Sinai for any procedures that are to be performed at Cedars-Sinai.

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