Cedric Greene

Cedric Greene

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Published: 24 November 2020

Posted by: Anonymous

BEWARE OF CEDRIC GREENE; He claims to be a professional trainer/helper and has never title a dog himself. I know people who gave him a dog for over 6 months to get a bh and paid up front and this guy did absolutely nothing. He also appears and make every one to think he is a dog broker who can find and bring excellent dogs from Europe For a reasonable price. In 2018 he collected over 5,000 from a guy named Ken promised him he will be getting German Sheppard for this guy and never happened. In 2018 he did the same thing to a guy in California named Anthony causing him over 4,500 and never got a dog from Cedric Greene. In September 2018 he sold a German Sheppard with a bad hip dysplasia at only 7 months old for 1500, this dog was sold to Jeff in Tennessee. In October 2018 he offered me to import 3 French Bulldog for 3,000 including shipping, one of my friends paid his ticket to fly to Germany in return he was bringing her a Mali male that she already paid to the breeder in Europe, he di brought her male but not my puppies and had the balls to tell me he didn’t have the money and wouldn’t pay me. I called him several times, he was always giving me excuses and finally I decided to file a civic law sue, soon we will have a pre hearing. This guy didn’t stop with me, same month he convinced another guy from my area to buy a Rottweiler which he brought back from Germany but never gave him the registration document for that dog. He was also able to convince him to give him 2500-3000 to buy 3 English bulldog from Hungary, same guy bought him a ticket and gave him 700 for expenses in Europe, Cedric came back from Europe in December 18th and didn’t bring any English bulldogs or the money back. So far I found 4 other people who are willing to join my law sue and with everyone involved should be turn a criminal law sue and hopefully he will get charges/judgements against him. People be careful with thi guy he is a total criminal, sounds very nice earn your trust and next thing you know he will rip you off no mercy.

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