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Published: 04 February 2020

Posted by: Cennabee3

I am very unhappy with the service i received from celebration factory on 07/11/2015 firstly they do not communicate very well… If i dont call they wont call and i am the customer the day before the party i spoke to tsakani to find out when they will be coming through as they know that the party is starting at 1pm and she promised me that they will be there 45 minutes before the party. To my surprise none of that happened. On saturday (the day of the party) i called tsakane @ 12:30 asking her where they and when they coming because the party is starting at 1 and she told me yes she knows they on their way and she is aware that the party is starting at 1. I then called her again at 1 and she said she’s almost at our street. At 1.30 i had to call her again and that while the guests already arrived and she told me that they got lost but they coming back because someone directed them. To my surprise they only rocked up there at 2.30. My guests had to help them set up… The worst for me was tsakane was busy making party packs in front of my guests which was really very unprepared. They even left before the time. Im really unhappy and regret hiring them and i will never recommend them to anyone worldwide they acted as if they did this for free They were suppose to be there for 3 hours as per Tsakane but they were there for 2 hours and packed up. I demand compensation for my tears

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