Celebrity Auto Brokers, Debra Monfore, Mandy Monfore, Tom

Celebrity Auto Brokers, Debra Monfore, Mandy Monfore, Tom

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Published: 03 August 2020

Posted by: Anonymous

To anyone,who is considering,letting celebrity auto brokers have your vehicle,don’t do it,they will tell you about guarantees, and so forth,means nothing to them. what ever little pack of lies this company portrays it’s self to be doing business DO NOT GIVE THEM YOUR CARBe prepared to Pay you own Car Payments, be ready to ruin your credit. I have My CAR in the Program, and they made a few payments, NOW BMW is calling and wants to repo my car 5 months of no payments, I have not seen my car since, i have tried calling DEBRA MONFORE, DEBRA HANSON, and she won’t return my calls. DEBRA MONFORE is a Liar, with her daughter MANDY MONFORE and TOM they LIE, CHEAT and basically screw over good People. They will say anything to get your car, then will make a few late payments and then your car disappears. my credit is ruined because of DEBRA MONFORE AND CELEBRITY AUTO BROKERS. If anyone has seen my car please contact me, I’ve hired a skip tracer out of Newport Beach the one who posted this blog. She’s identified my car has been located out of state and has received tickets in TX. There’s a whole lot more details which I won’t get into at this time. It was cited in Dallas, TX on 04-02-2008. The Citation Number: D0002374080, Also This post is for the intent and acknowledgement to all that I, Steven L. Silva registered owner of the following automobile, do hereby give Alicia W authority to locate, skip trace, track down my BMW and return the vehicle as identified below, to me. 2006 330Ci CA Plate: 5XTA785 vin WBABW53476PZ41798. BTW Thank you ALICIA for everything you have done for the people who have posted and for everyone who has not posted yet. Everyone DEBRA MONFORE is a liar and trying to slap restraining orders against anyone who investigates her company. She’s even makes fake sepeonas, false police reports. anyone can get a temp restraining order for two weeks. lets face it Debra you stole my car and won’t return my calls. Alicia should get a award for bringing you and your company to the attention to every police agency and task force. Steve silva LAGUNA BEACH, CaliforniaU.S.A.

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