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Published: 23 January 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

Went to Celebrity Dental on Cypress North Houston Road on October 19, 2015, Office was empty , I was the only one there and a young man. I was waiting for just a simple dental cleaning. The 2 girls behind the counter said hello to me and gave me paper work to fill out. Both of the girls were on there cell phones and giggling loudly while flirting with the young man in front of them. | Very unprofessional, there were both talking and talking about Muslims, discriminating about them… The customer hears everything and these two girls were very unprofessional, running to the back with this young man and playing ,raising a fuss while I sat there waiting. Tee Hee HEE, I listen to this for 30 minutes. | I arrived at 1:00pm , I was seated in the chair 30 minutes later. I sat for another 20 minutes xrays were taken and the female dentist walked in (DR. Valdez Dalilia found her name on the website) and said Hello , did not even tell me her name, she acted like she was upset because my xrays were clean, no problems, I felt as though she was upset and asked me to open my mouth, she immedialtly started naming off teeth one after the other that I needed work on, and then naming off crowns in my mouth that needed to be replaced… Really? Dont think so, I am not replacing crowns! I do not have insurance and live off of a budget. I became irritated and the dentist started talking really LOUD AT ME ” I AM JUST DOING MY JOB!” , ” After I am done, you can go where ever you want!”, “I DONT CARE!”, ” I am telling you that these things need to be addressed in your mouth!”… I thought that was very RUDE the way she had talked to me! I mean who in the hell does she think she is? | So I let her finish on me, just getting that bill up as high as it would go, Its all about money with these people! | Dr. Valdez Dalilia left the room and 1 HOUR later my teeth cleaning started, it took about 4 minutes to clean my teeth thats it!….My appointment was at 1:00pm , my teeth cleaning started at 2:30pm. VERY UNPROFESSIONAL! | I did not feel welcomed at all. I walk with a cane and was trying hard to get out of the chair when she finally finished with me….NOT ONE PERSON EVEN OFFERED TO HELP ME GET OUT OF THE CHAIR! one of the men ( who worked there) in the room was to busy playing on his cell phone. | I proceeded to walk up front to pay for my cleaning , Dr Valdez Dalilia walked with me. The girl up front asks me, “Would you like to schedule an appoinment for your dental work? I said “No, I will get back to you.” Immediatly Dr Valdez Dalilia Blurts out very Rudely” YOUR GETTING OLDER AND YOU HAVE BONE LOSS THATS IT!!!” Saying it very LOUD and with an attitude. both the girls up front that worked there were giving me dirty looks. | I was in SHOCK and said NOTHING. I was so pissed off when I left Celebrity dental. Who talks to people like this, they are suppose to be profressionals. What a joke! This was the worst dental experience I had ever encountered in my LIFE. I want people that live near Celebrity dental to know this. I can understand why there office was empty. DO NOT GO THERE!!! VERY UNPROFESSIONAL! | Got all the dental work I suspousedly need and am going to get a second opinion, I d not trust Dr. Valdez Dalilia and I suggest that if you must go to celebrity dental , Do NOT GET THIS WOMAN, she is both UGLY and RUDE! Needs classes on HOW TO TALK TO PEOPLE!

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