Celestial Spa On Cloud 9

Complete Disappointment!

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Published: 21 August 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

Celestial Spa on Cloud 9 is a day spa in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. They claim to use one of the organic items to treat their customers and have one of the most relaxing environments you can ever get in the town. The staff is trained and professional according to them, but lately, customers have been complaining about their services that are below average and the only thing is they care about to make their money. Those customers aren’t lying because I had a bad experience here as well. Customers have also told that their precious items were getting stolen from there and the management does not cooperate with them which have made them furious. The customer has also told that the technique which they follow does not do anything to their body and thus it seems like they have just wasted their time and money by going there.
Customers have shown their concern that they don’t get a relaxing environment at Celestial Spa on Cloud 9. I believe this place needs a lot of maintenance because wasn’t clean on the inside when I visited it. I would never recommend it to anyone. Nothing is relaxing at Celestial Spa on Cloud 9 if you like elbows digging in you than it must be comfortable for you, but for someone who came here to get relaxed will not like it at all. You could hear gossips from other workers and the staff outside because the walls are thin and you can hear everything which is not a suitable environment to get the things done. I had a bad experience with them and neither do I wish to come back again nor am I going to recommend it to anyone.
One of the customers said that her daughters didn’t had a good massage at Celestial Spa on Cloud 9 because all the time while massage the masseuse was talking and it didn’t make her comfortable and top of that they had to pay tip also which is only given when the service is good, but at Celestial Spa on Cloud 9 she was disappointed with the way she was treated and doesn’t wish to come back again.
Your customer should be satisfied with you after the services and should be happy but lately, it seems like Celestial Spa on Cloud 9 have been unable to treat their customers with care as one of the customers told that she bought a Christmas package which was a very expensive one, but the services were not good. She said that she received worst pedicure and manicure in her life, the customer tells that the lady jabbed her toes and used a round tip of a brush to clean her nails which she proceeded to tell her that she couldn’t do it and the customer has to do it by herself. The customer was very nervous all the time when she was at Celestial Spa on Cloud 9 and since she paid for all of it in advance she was forced to get these services but never wishes to come back again.

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