Celia Harned

Celia Harned

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Published: 01 October 2020

Posted by: Anonymous

Celia Harned was appointed by the court to be the CFI in our case. Celia Harned does not do good work….period! Her work is bad from start to finish for any of what she is asked to do for the court. A person would think that when the court is appointing someone that they would do their due dilligence even more so because this is our legal system after all right? And they have your life and future in their hands which to me would seem like something another person would take seriously, not Celia Harned. She does minimal work, meets deadlines only minutes before requested and can not be trusted with your future or your family. If I had done my work for my boss the way that Celia does her work for the court I would have been fired a LONG time ago. It seems that no one has control over Ms. Harned giving inaccurate reports that contain information that Celia seems to make up as she goes. Celia calls herself an “angel” to your children and called to help but watch out because it’s not you she is helping, she is helping herself. I can clearly understand why Celia receives so much work by court appointment and that is because no one would hire her otherwise because she is NOT good at her job. Celia Harned will not help you or your children! She does not care and you don’t have enough money to make her care or fix work is so damaging that she is a liability in herself. You will regret ever working with this CFI, she will not change any of her information that is wrong in reports. She doesn’t even do the easy work well, so how can anyone expect her to do any difficult work well. Celia will report facts that are just outright lies and when you bring it to her attiention and she is asked to make corrective action she informs that she will but she blows it off until the case is dismissed and then goes on the fact that she has been dismissed from your case and won’t do anything to correct her reports. Celia submitted her report for our case, full of inaccuracies, lies, mis-information and then lets the court have this information for their record. I arranged meetings, made all payments, did everything that herself and the court asked for and she will not do her end of the job. All in all after thousands and thousands of dollars and in court for a very long time Celia Harneds services were completely useless, we could have done the same work with the same results without her and that is why she is a scam as a CFI and a disgrace to our justice system. Your family would be much better off without having someone involved who doesn’t even care about your case. I don’t believe it is too much to ask or expect to have someone appointed who can do their job right and not just take payment and have power over your life. It’s pretty serious when one persons opinion and her really shoddy work hold so much weight with the system, they can do anything they want to you and when you go through the system you are at their mercy. Celia Harned will not help your case, no matter if you are in the right or in the wrong, she is dangerous with the power she is given and a liability to anyone working with her. Your children will suffer because she doesn’t really care about them anyways. How is anyone supposed to ever get any assistance against a person in a position of power like this? Don’t waste your heart ache on signing up with this CFI, there are a ton of other CFI’s that do a good job and like any profession, someone had to graduate at the bottom of their class and it appears that Celia was not exactly the graduate with honors, and this is our government legal system after all, so find someone who will help your life, don’t pay Celia Harned to make life even harder by adding lies to your reputation. Also, when Celia was on the witness stand in court she didn’t even remember the information that she investigated and that is her entire job! When asked dates and specifics on the stand, I knew the facts better than she did and her testimony contained a lot of “I don’t remember”??? Why would a person hired as a family investigator not be able to be an expert witness regarding the job you are being paid for? I can’t explain that either which is why Celia is just a ripoff and not working in anyones interset except her own.

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