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Centennial Hyundai

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Published: 03 January 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

Scheduled an appointment for 7500 Mile Service 34 Point Inspection on September 14th at 4:30 pm. I received an email on September 13th at 1:02 pm that my appointments has been modified to 3:30 pm. I arrived on time and the lady (Kui) at the service desk said it will be 1.5 hours. They did not take my car in for service until 50 minutes later (4:20 pm). My car was not ready when promised. I also informed Kui that every time I bring my vehicle in for service they DO NOT tighten the caps on the tires where you put air into. This has happened on at least 3 occasions. As usual, they were loosely applied and I could have lost them on the highway. They apologized and gave me 4 additional caps. Why would I want additional caps! They should ensure that the caps are secure. Prior to them bringing me my vehicle at 5:31 pm, a service representative attempted to give me the key to someone else’s vehicle. I saw that same young man try to give another customer someone else’s key. I guess if you want to steal a vehicle, just go and wait in the service department at Centennial Hyundai and you will definitely give you a vehicle!

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