Center For Behavioral Healthcare PA

Center For Behavioral Healthcare PA

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Published: 05 January 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

This happened at Center For Behavioral Healthcare. I went to my appointment at 4:00pm on 8/24/15. The lady that saw me ENYONAM HARGETT and her laptop was off, there were not books on her desk to go over. That day she sat across from me and told me not to come back anymore and told me to leave. I told her I paid for a session and I was told she didn’t care and told me to leave. I asked her, “What about my session? I already paid for it.” She said she didn’t care and told me to leave, once again. I went to the front desk to ask for my money back, but they refused to give me my money back. That’s all she called me in for. For a mere 2 minutes, it was to dissmiss me, but I had to pay to hear that. That is unfair, she couldn’t tell me that on the phone? Why wasn’t I told of this before I paid? This is a crooked business. | What now? I need to be under treatment and they discharge me for no reason? I was begging her not to let me go. But then again, why would I want to stay there? I was never wanted there. I wasn’t treated fair. Someone would come in and they would greet them in a friendly manner and even strike up a conversation. When I came in they didn’t do that, not even a greeting. I was rudely ignored. I would arrive early for an appointment, but people who arrived later than I did were quickly brought in. | The latest I was brought is 15 to 25 minutes minutes later. It was unfair and I was always early, I arrived 10 minutes before I was due in. What was strange is the people who saw my therapist Enyonam came out much, much earlier so ENYONAM HARGETT kept me waiting on purpose. What time did I get out? they let me out 10 minutes before. So, I would pay full price to be seen for a short 25 minutes, is that fair? No. Others paid the same as I did and got their full 55 minute session. Why was I discriminated against and seen less? I noticed I was the only Hispanic there, and everyone else was white or black. I believe they are racist and discriminated me for it. Why was I seen for less time? | It got old when I kept asking the front desk if I was going to be seen that day and she said yes, but I would wait 25 minutes, while people who came in much later than I did were quickly brought into their appointments with another therapist. Basically, I was not seen, but I still paid for a ‘full session’. She only brought me back to tell me not to come back. She couldn’t tell me that on the phone? It was quick, I was called in at 4:11pm and I was out at 4:14pm because I called my mom on my phone. I remember the time so clearly because when you’re taken in much later, I kept track of the time by writing down what time I was brought in for each appointment. | All I want is a full refund because I did not see anyone that day, It was not a session. Her laptop was off and she sat across from me, not at her desk as she ususaly did. I was merely told not to come back then asked to leave. That’s a session? Her laptop was off and there were not books on her desk to go over. I don’t want them to get away with this, because they will do this to anyone else. Can you help me with this fraudulent business? I have the reciept for that visit.

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