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Published: 14 January 2018

Posted by: Anonymously

This place runs more like a for-cash business than anything related to actual health. First off, they have a “one-size-fits-all” model for testosterone. Testosterone is different for every individual and what is high for some may be low for others. Everyone essential receives the same dose regardless of individual need. Second, the dosing is on a two week basis. Despite their COMPLETELY INACCURATE claims to the contrary on their website, 14 day dosing is not only inefficient medically speaking, it’s quite harmful. By the 8 day mark the testosterone in your system will be 50%. By teh 14 day mark (time for your next injection) it will be roughly 20-25%. What this means for the patient – who should actually be called customers as they’re not concerned with your overall well being in the slightest – is that the hormone required by your body for all sorts of things will fluctuate to such a degree that by the last several days before your dosing you may very well end up with erectile disfunction, mood swings, and general malaise. This also means that because your day after dosing is so high, you run the risk of throwing off other hormones in your body. When asked about these side effects they were brushed off as nonsense….and that if a patient WAS to have these side effects, they’d just have to stop taking the treatments cold turkey which in itself presents a whole host of other biological side effects. Third, and this one really takes the cake, is pricing. You can only go into one of their little micro-clinics for “treatment”. This is 65 dollars for a single dose. The price of one month of “treatment” from this facility costs more than 4-5 months of reasonable self treatment from any other reputable clinic. You’re essentially paying someone 65 dollars to inject you with 5 dollars worth of medicine with a 15¢. You can get 12-14 weeks of treatment out of a 70 dollar vial from CostCo with proper prescription. SAVE YOUR MONEY. Find a clinic that will give you the REAL treatment you need, gentlemen. There are plenty of other facilities here in Florida that are actually concerned with your health. Where the doctor will spend real time with you, discuss your true bloodwork, and talk about all your options. Don’t be fooled by their nonsense. Best of luck and best of health! .

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