Centerfolds Cabaret Las Vegas

Centerfolds Cabaret Las Vegas

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Published: 27 February 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

This has to be the worst strip club in Las Vegas and one of the worst in the country. It is that bad. A little history that I found out. This place is known for fraud and credit card scams. It was formerly called Club Paradise. Scams, raids, and ripoffs were par for the course here. Just google club paradise and you will see what I mean. It appears based on my visit that only the name has changed. Yuck. | First of all, if you are visiting Vegas do not let a cab driver take you to a strip club. Strip clubs pay kick backs to cab drivers. Look up an app called Kickback. All the cab drivers and Uber drivers have it. Centerfolds pays $100 per customer. If a cabbie says Centerfolds is great, tell him he needs to cut you in on the kickback and show him the app. In short cab drivers lie to get you to go to whatever club is paying the most. Why does centerfolds have to pay $100 per person to get you in? Becasue the place sucks and they hope to fleece you legally or otherwise for your money. | The girls on a Friday night were horrendous. No one under 40. These ugly skanks were the worst looking, bad smelling, and generally foul. I understand why. There were only a few customers. Big dudes in baseball caps that reeked of cheap weed. I don’t think they were there for the dances if you know what I mean. | My friend and I expected some trouble to happen. Didn’t look like there was any security. The manager Jim is a tool and a half and more on him later. Likely in on it or on something or both based on my visit. Definitely doesn’t think that the customer comes first or second or third. | It is my fault for thinking that a place called “Centerfolds” would be cool. I guess if you like to listen to hair band music over and over again. Was it 80s night? I’ve never heard “Dust in the Wind” played at a strip club before. The decor looks like it is left over from a 70s movie set. The faux leather AKA plastic chairs are miserable. The fake candles add the perfect compliment to this horror show. | Ok…the $18 drinks are small and watery. I know it’s Vegas but come on. Not to mention we were charged for drinks we didn’t order and got into it with the waitress and the manager Jim “I think I am important” Whatever. | THE DJ kept screaming something about “3 for $99”. No idea what he was talking about because the sound system crackled like the gym at Rancho Middle School. Don’t get me started on the TVs if you could call them that. If you want to watch a game, make sure you bring your iPad. I swear to God there was someone hitting the side of the TV to get a better picture. | The VIP area looks like a kennel. Woof. And it smells. It is in the back of the club and it has a very weird layout. Two of the toilets were broken in the men’s room. Attendant said well the owner is cheap. Turns out the owner doesn’t live in Vegas. He lives in Pennsylvania and only comes in once a month. So while the man is away the rats play and the scammers have free reign. They let any girl work there so they can collect the house fee and increase the tip out. There was a 60 year old Asian woman walking around without her top on. | This place is bad news. I have no doubt I will be reading about a raid or STD outbreak or bankruptcy here soon. Whatever you do, do not start a tab. I’ve already had to ask for a credit from my credit card.

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