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Published: 05 January 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

YOU COULDN’T PAY ME TO BUILD ANOTHER HOUSE BUILT BY CENTEX OR ANY OTHER COMPANY OWNED BY PULTE. They lack the amount of integrity that I would expect out of a company building homes for families to live in. We have had nothing but problems with them since we signed our contract to live in Spence Creek on March 1, 2013, and we were told the house would be built in 4-6 months; however it “rarely goes to the six months”. We met with the field manager the month after we signed, and he went over the plan. The basement got poured not long after that, but then it just sat there… and sat there… and sat there. Nothing happened for over a month. I contacted the sales guy, Derek, and he said that there’s a shortage of framing crews. So we waited. Well, the house got framed, and we met the field manager for the pre-drywall walk through. Oh, but it was a different field manager, Dylan. The original guy quit, and no one thought to tell us that. During the pre-drywall walk through we found a number of things such as rotted wood that they had put in the framing. We ripped it out so that they would not just drywall over it. We also noticed that the electrician put holes in a load bearing wall in the garage. They said it met codes so they wouldn’t do anything about it. The HVAC company also put vents in the incorrect places for circulation and pulled the duct work too tight. These are all things that Dylan, if he knew what he was doing and/or was doing his job, should have seen. On to drywall, counters, doors, etc. This is a huge lack of integrity and pride. We checked on our house weekly and we told Dylan, who was supposedly also checking on our house weekly, about problems as they came up. So we noticed before the countertops were put on that there was a crack in them. We didn’t say anything on purpose because we wanted to see if they would install them. They did. They also installed window sills so crooked that I didn’t need a level to confirm they were. They installed dented doorknobs and the drywall is terrible. I’m pretty sure they get day laborers to do the drywall work because it definitely doesn’t look like a professional did it. If they are professional, they don’t take much pride in their work. We have obvious seams showing, cracking (which I’m acknowledging could be due to settling which is normal), and build up of plaster in our corners that they just didn’t bother to sand. When I brought some of this to Dylan’s attention I was told that those things are things that need to be brought up in the pre-closing walk through. No, they’re things you don’t want to fix so that I am distracted by them at the pre-closing walk through so that I don’t notice so many things. On to closing walk through – our realtor found a number of things that needed to be fixed that, again, should have been very obvious and should have been caught by Centex if they had a little pride and integrity. There was a loose railing on our second story deck, loose siding, a missing downspout, gaps in the siding exposing wood, the electrical sockets didn’t work in several of the rooms, a chandelier was missing and the wrong fixture in the bathroom was installed, obvious scratches on the columns that were installed that way, and cracked crown molding in the master bedroom. That’s just to name a few. Fast forward to closing day – you do your final walk through an hour before your closing. So if you do find something, you either wait for it to be fixed or you close with things that you will have to schedule warranty appointments for. In our case, our closing had been pushed back at least twice, and we were already a month later than we were originally told. So we were desperate to close. After closing we had to file a warranty claim for numbers on our mailbox because we didn’t even have a mailbox when we closed. We have had a flood in our ceiling because either someone stepped on our HVAC drain pipe in the attic or it was not installed correctly and the water was leaking all in our attic and on to our ceiling. We also had a closet shelf, that barely had any clothes on it, fall down TWICE. It was put in with anchors but not into studs as it should be. The first time it fell, they fixed it. The most recent time, they said they wouldn’t because it’s not covered under warranty, and they did it the first time as a courtesy. They said I could use my 11 month drywall touch up to fix it. When I spoke to the warranty guy, Alex, he was not empathetic to the fact that it shouldn’t fall down at all and kept telling me that the house was built to codes. I’ve told several of their employees that we wish we would have NEVER bought a Centex home, and they say, “I’m sorry you feel that way.” Their lack of empathy tells me they’re not. Centex will build your house according to codes and do no more. They are a horrible, heartless company and care nothing about the families they’re building

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