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Published: 14 July 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

This company is a scam. They are in the business of making quick money off of young/inexperienced business owners/entrepreneurs trying to get funding for their start ups. They will first sucker you into paying there $99 fee for the meeting with the underwriter. They will tell you that you should have absolutely no issues getting a loan, and they do not provide any information for how to prepare for the meeting. Because there are things that you have to have in place to start or the underwriting meeting will be a complete waste of TIME. After the underwriter meeting is complete, if you were not able to finish, because of certain questions you needed answers for (by the company/franchise your buying into, etc.) they will leave you hang out to dry. They will not contact you, not even ONCE, to follow up on your situation/progress. Then most likely things change and you decide to take a different direction with how to secure your funding (which i did). They then keep charging my credit card for access to what they call their dashboard. I had not idea what this was, I did NOT have an account set up on their website or anything of the sort. I would not even know how to access this things if i tried. Because I had only had two BRIEF phone conversations with people at this company that did not NO GOOD and it ended up costing me well over $100. It was the biggest scam, waste of time and energy. I then tried to get a refund on the dashboard access charge the second I seen it on my bank statement and they would not grant a refund. And let me add that they WILL NEVER ISSUE A REFUND FOR ANYTHING. Even if you never used the service and it was at the very beginning of that months paid for use. They are in the business of making QUICK MONEY and have absolutely no customer service/customer comes first/keep customers happy mentality. AT ALL! Please stay clear of this company. There are much better sources for finding funds to start your business. Do your due diligence. 🙂 .

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