Central Kia Of Lewisville

Central Kia Of Lewisville

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Published: 05 January 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

I read all of the feedback from people who had had dealings with this dealership and thought maybe they were exagerating so I made an appointment to look at some cars and found out they were not! They had a car listed as being in inventory but when I got there is was not – this was one of the items noted from previous people as a ploy to get someone in. I looked at and test drove 4 cars, none of which I was thoroughly impressed with, and the salesman tried to pin me down to the one I was most interested it. I asked up front what the cost and the MPG were on 2 of the cars and they guy had to go to his GM to get that information. He came back with the MPG but not the cost. I asked about a second car they had listed on their website from their Plano lot, but wouldn’t you know that he said their computers were down or running slow so he was not able to pull that information – again another item noted from past customers. I asked for the price of the cars and when the salesman came back he gave me what the monthly payments would be (based on whatever they would provide on trade-in and then the cost of the car and interest). I asked AGAIN for the costs of the cars and the numbers on how he got the monthly payments. He did not have that information (or was not willing to share it with me and had to go back to his GM to get the numbers) – again a tactic noted before. Initailly, when asked what I was planning to use as a down payment, I explained I was doing a trade in and they wanted the keys to my car to get an appraisal. Fortunately, I did not give them my keys because when the salesman left to speak w/the GM AGAIN I went out the front door and left. This place is as sleazy as they come and I would never buy a car from them nor would I encourage anyone to go there regardless of the circumstances. After I disappeared, the GM kept calling me for several hours and when I finally answered my phone, he said that he heard I was interested in this one specific car. I told him that I left and would NOT be buying a car from them, however, I would buy a car from another dealership. They will do whatever it takes to get you to leave with a car and have no regard whatsoever for the person they are screwing. The salesman did not even have the decency to give me the breakdown of costs and said that “they will give me that information when I go back to the financing department”. Please listen to what people are saying – STAY AWAY from this dealership. They are crooked and dishonest and I would not give them a dime of my money!!! Smcca Lewisville, TexasU.S.A.

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