Central Maine Power Company

Central Maine Power Company

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Published: 27 January 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

They added on everyone’s bill that ever lived at the address I own told me b/c I was trying to get power there in a different name that was previously there that it was name swapping,my bill was now 6800$&needed 3200$to turn on,I lived off a generator for 2half years,almost got my house condemned bc they sd,it’s against the law to live on a generator (the town)I had no running water,no heat,froze in the winter,breathed in k1,the k1destroyed my walls&ceilings,CMP was so rotten &mean to me,I got pnemonia with a dr.note prescription for a ventilator,CMP told me they still aren’t turning my power on to get a different Dr different prescription,I lived in hell,getting water from my well with a rope &5gl.bucket after haveing 3back surgeries,finally prop helped me,but my bill is still 15-1600$a month,this is d**n impossible?

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