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I did not get a positive result from Memorials and Monument Company.

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Published: 25 July 2019

Posted by: Charles

Many sad moments came to me after the death of my aunt. Life is such that most of what happens is sudden and happens in steps. The good and bad experiences we shared took us by storm when the news came to me that she passed away.

It costs to know people and to feel positive when being around these people, but I had no idea what it would cost me for funeral services at Memorials and Monument Company. I only wanted to have something nice and presentable for my aunt’s tombstone. Anyone who can afford such expenses will want what is nice for their lost loved ones. To build a gravestone uniquely requires time and money. I believed in Memorials and Monument Company. Unfortunately, Memorials and Monument Company failed to comply with what I needed on my aunt’s tombstone.

Memorials and Monument Company did not give me what I asked for. It disappointed me, and I did not want to go further with any more details as to what is required for the tombstone. A way to allow for my aunt to rest in peace and to give her a nice resting place had made me feel sad when Memorials and Monument Company didn’t know how to deliver the tombstone on time.

The day felt long and a waste of my good energy. There is no way that I would recommend Memorials and Monument Company to others in such situations. This company is not worth your time and money. There is no good feedback about Memorials and Monument Company, they did not pay attention to my needs and what I wanted for my aunt. Their lack of skill destroyed the moment of peace. I don’t believe anyone should be fooled by Memorials and Monument Company.

I expected great results from other recommendations and felt the family comes first. I learned their honesty is weak and are not punctual. This attitude has given me a different mind about the services of Memorials and Monument Company.

I can’t share pleasant moments with my loved ones when the tombstone is in a mess. Spelling errors and not the type of stone I selected is most unpleasant to think of or discuss with my family.

I couldn’t thank a company that did do not deliver my needs as I have discussed, and this disappoints me to bits. They claim to have talent, but I don’t see talent in Memorials and Monument Company. The staff was impatient in conversation leaving me to stand alone in this agreement. I felt the option was great until I saw for myself how the formality works with grave markers. A silly mistake I have made, and hope others don’t have to experience this nonsense from Memorials and Monument Company.

I don’t recommend a company with poor qualities and that chooses to neglect the needs of their clients. Everything a client wishes for should be abided by the company itself. A client must be happy with the requirements of the tombstone and have it with great expectations.

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