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Central Motor Group

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Published: 06 March 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

On Sept. 29 2016 I went to a central motor group Ford service dept. I informed the service representative that I needed a trailer brake which I had installed in my 2004 F 150 Truck. I advised her that I was leaving on vacation on Oct 6th towing a trailer. I needed it installed and working by no later than boom that day. The Rep. told me after conferring with their mechanic that I needed to order a 28 dollar wiring harness to complete the job. They ordered the part and said the would call when it arrived. On the following Tuesday in received a call stating that all the necessary parts were and to bring the truck in for service on Thursday Oct 6 early am. On Oct 6 at 8 am I dropped of the truck really confirming that I needed the truck done by and the brake working by 2pm. I returned at 1pm after receiving a call saying they were almost done. When I got there the rear 7 prong plug was hanging off the bumper and the inside control was on the floor. The mechanic stated he was never told he had to complete the job. He then zipped tied the plug to the bumper and gave me to screws to install the rake unit to the dashboard. I asked if it was workinh. The mechanic stated that it was all hooked up but to hook it all up at home and make sure that all the lights worked. I finished up and we left for vacation. During our travels I noticed that it was a real strain for the truck to stop I became suspicious when my brake began to some shortly before we arrived at our location. On our way back an incident occurred the caused my rear brakes to smoke profusely. I called the dealership and told them something was not working right and I needed to return. I returned on Friday Nov 5th they took the truck in. I was in the waiting room for 15 minutes when the service rep. Came out with a sheet of paper that looked like a wiring schematic. She stated that I needed to pay 383 dollars to get the brake to work. Flabbergasted I asked her did they realize this the first time I came in , and she said yes. I asked did I not tell you to do what ever it took to install the brake unit and get it to work so I could town my trailer on vacation and she said yes. She said I thought you just wanted it installed. I asked so you let me drive out of your shop to go on vacation towing a trailer thinking that it was all hooked up, when you knew it still needed additional parts. No answer. This dealership is grossly neglegent in their actions and could have been responsible for my wife and I sustaining serious damage and injuries or possibly killing someone else. This issue needs to be addressed.

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