Central Parts Int'l Inc.

Central Parts Int'l Inc.

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Published: 12 December 2020

Posted by: Anonymous

A part request was created on a website for an Ignition Module Unit on December 26, 2011. That same day Central Parts Int’l, Inc. contacted me saying that they had the correct part. A total of $110.00 was paid to Central Parts Int’l, Inc. for what they claimed to be an Ignition Module Unit that fit my make and model. Of the $110.00 paid, $10.00 was paid for 5-10 shipping via UPS. I did not receive the package from Central Parts Int’l, Inc. until Friday, January 20, 2012. Which is well over the promised period in which I should have received the package. To add insult to injury, Central Parts Int’l, Inc. shipped me the incorrect part! They sent the Engine Computer Unit for my make and model! Central Parts Int’l, Inc. was contacted Monday, January 23 and was confronted about the late package and the incorrect part that it contained. At this point General Manager Tiffany Prosper blatantly blamed me for “ordering the incorrect part” and that there is no fault on behalf of Central Parts Int’l, Inc. General Manager Tiffany Prosper then suggested that I pay for return shipping in exchange for the Ignition Control Module Unit that I had originally ordered. Tiffany Prosper claimed that the Ignition Control Module Unit is actually more expensive but that out of generosity, Central Parts Int’l, Inc. would waive the difference in price. General Manager Tiffany Prosper claimed that the Ignition Control Module Unit was actually $134.00 I sensed that General Manager Tiffany Prosper was lying to me, so I had an associate in another state contact Central Parts Int’l Inc. and request a quote on an Ignition Control Module Unit. My associate was quoted at $99. At this point, I was so disgusted by the lack of customer service and lack of integrity that I decided that I would ask for a refund and look for another establishment. General Manager Tiffany Prosper complained and refused to offer a full refund for the Engine Computer Unit that Central Parts Int’l Inc. had sent me. It is now Friday, January 27, 2018 and I am out $110.00 and am stuck with a part that I have no use for. **Buyers Beware** Central Parts Int’l, Inc. lacks integrity and sound customer service. It seems as if Central Parts Int’l, Inc. is more interested in taking your money than providing customer satisfaction.

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