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Published: 08 November 2017

Posted by: Anonymously

I worked with Cenntral Refrigerated Service from 2006 to 2008. I began with them as a lease purchase driver, never a company driver. CRS’s website states:”To cover the tractor costs, the breakeven is approximately 1300 miles per week.” A COMPLETE LIE. I drove over 2800 miles one week and saw $47.53 as my weekly take home pay. Big money. Lie 2- from their website: “Your fixed cost will never go above $860.00 per week”…another complete lie. Their new Peterbilts are over 923.00 a week. Lie 3 -from their website: “No more worries about being broke down, not running miles, not making money.”- While the breakdown part is true, the second two statements are complete lies. On several occasions I asked for longer loads and was loaded 375 miles and 423 miles. I went “in the hole” which means, I went negative, that week. Lie 4- from their website: “Our average owner operator makes 20-50% more than the average company driver!” – with paychecks like $47.53 per week, where can you go wrong? Line right up, lease a truck here at Central and you too can join the ranks of the soon broke and dis-gruntled! Out of 54 weeks of that lease, I did not earn a paycheck 27 times. I was never sick or unable to take a load, EVER! The fed highway use tax (2290) charged by the IRS is: $166.00 per truck according to the 2008 2290 booklet I obtained from the IRS themselves. CRS charges $10.58 per week for 52 weeks. 10.58×52=$550.16 550.16-166.00=$384.16 in over charges PER TRUCK! Central has about 850 “owner operators” who lease trucks. That’s $326,536 PER YEAR that CRS overcharges its lease purchase drivers without over moving a stick of freight. If Central can profit close to $330,000 dollars a year by overcharging their drivers on ONE tax, imagine the amount of money they make on all the things they commonly “forget” to reimburse you on like washouts, lumpers, etc. I know because I was one of their victims myself before I started looking closely at the numbers. 1 month to go and the truck will be paid off and I can then complete the baloon payment and the truck will be mine???? WRONG!!! Close to the end of the lease period I was no longer loaded and I was forced into default right at the end of my lease. They took the truck back and billed me over 6800.00 dollars saying I quit. I never quit, they stopped loading my truck so they can take the truck and make it a company truck that I paid for. Central Refrigerated Service has a great scam going here: You pay for the truck and they get to keep most ALL the profits. The whole time you work there, they call you an “Owner Operator” – reality is this: You own NOTHING but a ruined credit rating for a truck that will be re-possessed in the end. Their “Owner Operator” department won’t call you back. In winter they will run you through Wyoming and places like Indiana where the snow can get you stuck. Try making a 2250.00 a month truck payment when you run 1300 miles a week in winter. If you think you will only run in sunny Florida or Southern California during the winter months….think again. REMEMBER THIS ALWAYS: CENTRAL REFRIGERATED CARES ABOUT NO ONE BUT THEMSELVES. Check other posts here. Lies and deception are the normal operating tactics used by this company. It’s true, the company doesn’t care about you in the least. All they care about is you paying for their truck and making THEM money–BIG HINT HERE: Why do you think it’s a no money down, no credit check lease? 2 reasons: 1. central is the one leasing the trucks from paccar, not you…so it doesn’t really matter what your personal credit looks like. 2. There is no risk on their part. If you default they simply find another idiot to “take over your lease” and carry on from where you left off. I see brand new Peterbilts going down the highway everyday with fresh idiots who think they have the best deal in trucking. What they have is pure heartache and broken dreams in the not too distant future. My best advice to ANYONE in trucking: Stay very far away from the crooks at Central Refrigerated Service Inc in West Vallet UT. You will own nothing but broken dreams. Trust me, I lived it, you don’t have to. Signed- Broken Hearted. Ripped off lease purchase-stay away Henderson, Colorado U.S.A.

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