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Published: 17 June 2018

Posted by: Anonymously

On June 28,2014 I got in a three car accident. I was found not at fault but I was hurt. I went to the Emergency Room that same day. I could not move or drive. The E.R. told me to follow up with a Physician. I followed-up with a Physician which referred me to a Chiropractor. After my appointment they instantly restricted me from going to work, school, or even driving. My head was hurting. My shoulders and back had hard knots in them. I was also having stomache and back spasms. They took me out of work for 4 months or untill my evaluation was over. I called CSO and told them what was going on with my health. They told me I would have to wait at least for a month before I do report. So I did wait in the mean time they mailed me an incident report info that I had to turn in. The also mentioned to me that my Doctor could fax the information too. It was the end of July or first week of August they faxed the info to them. That next Friday I called and asked them did they get the information they told me no. They mailed me another claim form with the claim number on it. Claim number is 4780392 and contract number is 0010917268. I recieved it the first week of September. I mailed the stuff back that same week. From there I thought everything was handled. I did not recieve another letter and my phone got cut off. Well my car has gotten repoed by now. I called the insurance company again and they said the never recieved the paper work agian. Which I don’t understand. So I had the Health Department fax my info again, the young lady faxed it twice for me, seeing how upset I was. I called them again to see if the got info at first they said no. I waited two more day then they yes. I asked how did they loose all my important info from they beginning. Anyone can use my legal info. They said I should hear something by Tuesday. I have not heard anything from them yet and I still dont have my car. The repo company said if I don’t get my car by December 5, 2014 they are going to ship it to another place and it is going to cost even more for me to get it out. I am devaststed and I do not know what to do. I just was release from up my Doctor’s care October 28,2014. I just got another job November 12, 2014 and have not been able to work because of no transportation. I do not know what to do but I do know I paid for insurance to take care of incidents like this at this time.

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