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Published: 15 February 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

eminded me of Fawlty Towers … all show and pomp on the outside, but everything crumbling underneath. | The positives: | 1) The owners facilitated a 7am check-in for us. | 2) The property is a 5-7 minute walk to Fira town centre. | 3) There is a lot of car parking available outside the property. | 4) The cleaner came everyday and half way through our stay changed all our bath towels. | The negatives: | 5) We were told to vacate the property at 11am (with an hour’s notice and in a very aggressive, rude way) in spite of check out being between 11am – midday. When I called the middle party to complain about this, after being on the phone for 25 mins I was told there had been a misunderstanding and that we could now check out at midday. | 6) The owners’ attitude during our stay together with all the issues we experienced did unfortunately tarnish our views of Santorini. | From reading the reviews on social media, I was expecting an “A+ property” and instead we experienced something along the lines of Fawlty Towers, where things looked fine initially from the outside but then when you looked a little deeper a lot of things were faulty. | When we left the property on 2nd October, we still had the following issues:- | 7) Electrics not working in the loft bedroom so I was unable to use a lamp or fan while I was there. The owner promised to send an electrician round but unsurprisingly this never happened. | 8) After the drains flooded twice in the bathroom (with waste matter!), the owner sent a plumber round who then removed the bath plug from the bath so we were unable to use the bath for the duration of our holiday! | 9) The cooker light was not replaced and did not work and we could not clearly see the food we were cooking especially in the first few days as a number of the bulbs in the living room were not working. | 10) The property needs maintenance in a few areas, faulty electrics, holes in walls, light bulbs and cooker bulbs need replacing, fireplace not working in the living room, lots of clutter and junk everywhere, wardrobes and chests of drawers full of the owners’ possessions so not enough storage for visitors (especially in light of the fact that there is no storage whatsoever in the loft room). | 11) Toilet paper cannot be flushed down the toilet in Centro Houses. My friends who have stayed in Santorini did not experience this issue when they stayed there last year. Had I know Centro Houses had a problem with their drains I would never had booked this accommodation. | 12) There was no full length ironing board in spite of their being lots of space to place one, so we had to sit on the floor or try and balance the small ironing board to do ironing – hugely inconvenient and if I’m honest a real pain. | 13) There was absolutely no storage in the upstairs room in spite of their being room, and 2 of the wardrobes and chests of drawers in the master bedroom was filled with the owners’ possessions. Again this is not described in the ad.

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