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Published: 18 February 2020

Posted by: exworkertn

Century Alliance Group or previously known as Enterprise Relief Services / Resort Ownership Resolutions / ROR is at it again trying to hide who they are so they can continue to lie and scam consumers. When they got caught before this made them angry. Here was the previous post. Enterprise Relief Services Resort Ownership Resolutions – ROR- Enterprise Relief Services | Enterprise Services Group | Heads Arrested by FBI, Fraud, Misleading, Enterprise Services Group is a Scam Run by People who Have Been Arrested by the FBI for fraud. The top secrete officers of Enterprise Services Group are trying to trick you. Fran Santore (52) CEO of ROR & Steven Cox ( 48) were both arrested . As for the ethics of Resort Ownership Resolutions which is now trying to fool you by changing their name to Enterprise Services Group. They are just trying to trick consumers, they even tried to trick the Nashville TN by saying a company is Vegas was buying them out. You can look these guys up on Google, Fran Santore FBI or Steve Cox FBI and see for yourself. They change the name of their company which was Resort Ownership Resolutions (ROR) to Enterprise Services Group. They are trying to trick the public instead of being honest and this is how they did it. First they registered the LLC as a Nevada company because this is the one state where you can register a company without having your names attached to it. This way there is no way to find out who owns the company. From there, they booked a virtual office 297 Kingsbury Grade Lake Tahoe, NV. 89449 which brings you to www.kingsburyexecutivesuites.com . This is done to trick you to think they are located there because they will give you a mailing address that will forward mail where they need it to go and it will give you an internet telephone number that will forward where they need it to go. As of today it is forwarding to Ron Makinos cell phone in NJ. They are currently trying to hide their locations on the main site as to not connect Resort Ownership Resolutions with their new name. The problem is that can only last for so long. Visit roresolutions.com to see the same site and their current addresses of: 5114 Old Hickory Boulevard Suite 206Hermitage, TN. 37076 And 8025 Black Horse Pike West Atlantic City, New Jersey 08232 Now how they are trying to trick you the client once again, the company just got registered a couple weeks ago and they have a bunch of testimonials on their website from people. For a new company and new name to be starting, how could you ethically place testimonials down from people who didn’t do business or send money to Enterprise Services Group? The only way is if you said you were previously Resort Ownership Resolutions (ROR) which of course they are trying to hide. The final thing they are doing is Fran and Steve placed Ron Makino as the president of Enterprise Services Group. Ron Makino is Frans Brother in Law and was executive Vice President of Resort Ownership Resolutions. The truth is easy for people to see once it’s pointed out. If you were proud of what you were doing, and always doing to the right thing than you would stand out front and center and not go to great lengths to hide yourself? Always has to be Shady when dealing with that company. Too Bad Now they then responded with this: SUBMITTED: Sunday, December 02, 2012 Enterprise Services Group has been in business since December of 2010 and has recently acquired ROR, the purchase of ROR was handled by Arthur Brown an Attorney with the Law Firm of Levine/Staller and is a matter of Public Record. Enterprise saw this as a perfect opportunity to expand their services with ROR, a company that has maintained a perfect record of servicing all of its clients, maintaining an A- rating with the BBB and zero complaints to date. Enterprise who was looking to expand their services, also researched other companies in the same industry as a possible acquisition but found that ROR’s products and record of service was industry leading. This was an ideal fit to match Enterprises like rating with their BBB rating of an A- and zero complaints to date. For those that are not aware of how the BBB rating system works; a business, with or without accreditation must be in operation for a minimum of 12 months, with zero or minimal complaints, before being considered for an A- rating. After the sale Enterprise then registered to do business and operate out of New Jersey and Tennessee. Most of the ROR staff has been retained and as part of the acquisition Ron Makino was promoted to the President and Fran Santore and Steve Cox’s services were not retained, removing them from the employment and operations of the company. As part of the sale Enterprise has assumed all assets and liabilities including its customer base. All customers (past and present) have been informed of this sale and all past testimonials and referrals connected with the service of ROR have been informed to disclose weather their services were performed by Enterprise or ROR, this ensures there is no confusion or deception of any future clients. Kingsbury suites is a well managed office building that also offers part time residences, however Enterprise occupies a full time office space, in Lake Tahoe, Nevada, not a virtual presence. Through our preliminary investigation in this matter we have determined that these posts were made or assisted by a disgruntled ex-employee(s) that were terminated for violating ROR’s strict ethics, compliance, and performance standards. The ex-employee(s) are now working for one of our competitors, who’s unethical business practices are legitimately in question and has an F rating with the BBB, and will do anything to slander the reputation of an upstanding competitors business. We always recommend that you do your research on any company through the States Department of Consumer Affairs, BBB, or any other nationally recognized trusted information source. Now truth: and what the final response back was… Lets start the record straight but ending more lies now. First Enterprise Services Group has not been an operating business since 2010. Back in 2010 SILVER STATE MANAGEMENT SERVICES LLC which is a company that registers and buys business names created this company. The reason why they do it is so they can help people set up a new business and charge them to do it. Also, it allows them to appear like they have been in business for a while rather than 30 days. You can see right on a NVSOS.GIV search for your self. nvsos.gov/sosentitysearch/CorpDetails.as />www.silverstatemgmt.com/ As for the BBB, well no one trusts them anymore anyways, and for a simple reason that a company has been registered and had no complaints files. Who can complain on a company that doesnt have clients yet? But incase anyone missed the main add on this post about the BBB please go to the ABC 20/20 www.youtube.com/watch?v=Yo8kfV9kONw Now this is where they caught themselves and they do not even know it. Let me explain. They responded that the purchase of ROR was handled by Arthur Brown an Attorney with the Law Firm of Levine/Staller and is a matter of Public Record. This is the slimiest lie to try and push onto the public and I will explain further. In order for a Las Vegas company to adequately purchase an out of state company they would need to retain a firm from their own jurisdiction. However, they would like to you believe that they hired the same law firm that already represents Fran Santore & ROR in many matters including the law suit files against them by Wyndham Vacations Resorts “Which is a matter of public record. Never mind the fact that this could never happen due to a conflict of interest as that law suit is still on going. The only way that firm could do anything is if Fran decided to change the name, hide himself and Steve, and have them help him do it so He did it legally. If you are not disgusted by this yet you should be. They said it themselves in their response. We hired Frans attorney, who he already has retained, to then by Frans Company. HAHA wow, they should have thought that answer through. But Im sure Wyndham is going to Love that one. Of course if you are not a scam, you will publically list in a response, who are the owners of ENTERPRISE RELIEFE SERVICES? Everyone knows it’s still Fran but hey we will give it a shot. Now, onto the final part of this. I am an ex – coworked and no I was not fired from their company. I ended the relationship because they are a bunch of slimy people and no I do not work for a competitor so take accountability for yourselves instead of trying to blame and pin off on others. Thats what sociopaths do. Ow, one final thing, I called in a favor yesterday, and yes Fran and Steve were working at the office as both their cars where there. To finalize this, all they did was open another company and did there best to keep it a secrete as if it was unattached. Problem is everyone from ROR in NJ is now working at Century Alliance Group. Century Alliance Group is another one of their companies but they are keeping it hidden. This company is only about a month old and all of the same shady people who are hiding themselves working. This is why they do not even post their business address on their website. SHADY SHADY SHADY. If they do not want you to know who they are.. it is for a reason!!

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