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Published: 11 February 2018

Posted by: Valerie

I bought my vehicle from Fairfield Toyota, I specifically asked for FULL COVERAGE, Extended Warranty on the vehicle. I made certain I asked several times before I signed anything. I was assured by Mr. Thompson at Toyota, that I got Full Coverage, Extended Warranty on my vehicle. Recently one of the electric windows went out, and I called Century Service (now First Automotive) to check my warranty was still in effect and the window was covered… as I expected it would be since I added the Full Coverage, Extended Warranty to my purchase of the vehicle. The man at First Automotive told me that it was all covered, except for one little part. Ok, I can understand one little part not being covered. I asked the man where I needed to take my vehicle too, and he told me “back to the dealer”. So, I made the service appointment for 9/24/07 at 8am. I just came from Toyota (9/24/07) about the electric window repair, & see if some other minor issues could be resolved with the warranty, seeing as I had FULL COVERAGE, Extended Warranty for my vehicle. My deductible is $100.00 and I had my money ready to pay my deductible. The service man at Toyota told me that it would cost me about $400.00 to have it just “looked at”! I told him I had my warranty, and he said that the warranty DIDNT cover everything. WHY doesnt my FULL COVERAGE warranty cover it all? I have never had a problem in the past with other vehicle warranty’s NOT covering it all. I dont have $400!!! Now Im screwed, because this window keeps falling down on its own and I cant afford to get it fixed! I have had to tape the window up, so it doesnt keep falling down… which is very tacky! WHY am I PAYING for a Full Coverage warranty if they have no intention of covering everything??? What a rip off!

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