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Published: 31 December 2020

Posted by: Anonymous

12/30/17 Requested Move u2018 I asked rep if technician needed to enter home on install date? She said no and nothing else. 1/4/18 Tech to come between 8 u2018 4. At 5 Pm I called CL to confirm that tech had come, I was told yes, but nothing was working. They had me check all phone outlets but nothing worked. I was then told that I would have to schedule another appt for a tech to come out to the house. The next available appointment was not going to be for 10 days! I work from home, I asked the rep the first time I called to make sure that this would not happen and that I wanted to have things working the first time we set it up. CL let the ball drop again on me. I asked then to speak to a supervisor, I waited on hold for 30 minutes, then some foreigner comes on and says that there is nothing that can be done and that if I wanted CL to come out and do a full install I should have had it done the initial setup date or I was going to have to wait another 10 days! I said CANCEL MY SERVICE NOW. He said that he could not do that and I would have to call back. I said I will call COX AND GET THIS DONE TOMORROW u2018 Which is exactly what happened. 1/5/18 I called CL again the next day to cancel, NOW I am informed I have a ONE year contract.. WHEN DID THAT HAPPEN??? So, I am told I will have to pay until 02/09/18 for 2 more payments or pay an early termination of $180? I think. So, I paid 2 more payments on 1/9/18 and 2/9/18. 2/9/18 I call CL to Cancel u2018 Now I am told that my contract ends on 2/17/18 and I will have to wait until then to cancel. Funny thing 2/17/18 falls on a Saturday and Monday 2/19/18 was a holiday.. Go figure! 2/20/18 u2018 I CALL CL AGAIN TO CANCEL; I wait on hold for 15 minutes and begin conversation with rep and then get disconnected when I get to the part that I want to cancel. I CALL AGAIN AND WAIT ANOTHER 15 MINUTES – begin conversation with another rep and then get disconnected when I thru the part that I want to cancel. WOW, I gave my cell number both times in case we were disconnected and neither time did anyone call back. I then go onto CL chat u2018 I am told I canu2019t cancel on chat and I have to call! I CALL A THIRD TIME – begin conversation with ANTOHER rep and I get through the to the end finally and the rep tells me that I have a credit coming on final billing statement. I thank her because she was really nice and got through everything without me losing my cool. 2/24/18 u2018 Receive email with final bill.. NOW I OWE $70 WTFu2026 They charged me another month after all the hassle they put me through and at full price because my account wasnu2019t cancelled on 2/17/18. Century Link is a rip off company. I refuse to pay this bill. I am tired of this company bullying its customers and doing whatever they please.

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