Century One Builders of Nevada

Century One Builders of Nevada

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Published: 17 September 2020

Posted by: Anonymous

We ordered replacement windows from this company in Feb 2014. In March 2014, they delivered the wrong windows! We worked out a deal with this company, they were to do the painting around the windows, and had the windows installed! By June the u201cWHITEu201d window frames turned the color of BEIGE. On 5 July 2018 I wrote a letter to the company and received no response. On 15 July I called and spoke with Robert Fulton, ask him what was going on? He stated he would u201cbring it up at the production meeting on Fridayu201d and would call me back! 23 July 2014, I called and Mr. Fulton was u201cout to lunchu201d! Requested he call me back NOTHING! 24 July 2014, talk with Mr. Fulton he stated he had u201cTurned it over to manufacturingu201d. I hung up with him and called back and asked to speak with u201cmanufacturingu201d, Mr. Fulton tells me u201cmanufacturing is their supplieru201d and they need to look at the windows. Also stated that he would schedule someone to u201cinspectu201d the windows! 11 Aug 2014, wrote and sent a certified letter to Mr. Eiteljorg, explaining the entire situation, received no reply. 26 Aug 2018 I filed a complaint with the Nevada State Contractors Board to which they wrote to the company and scheduled a meeting at my residence, which was canceled and rescheduled! 17 Oct 2014, Mr. Eiteljorg, Mr. Fulton, “Jason” and a Mr. Welch of the Nevada State Contractors Board came to my residence. Jason fixed a broken latch then u201cinspectedu2019 the frames, took pictures, compared a sample of WHITE against the BEIGE and said they would get back to me! Mr. Welch stated to me that the contractoru2019s board has no jurisdiction over manufacturing! Beyond me why! Case closed by Mr. Welch! The company said they would get the windows repaired and that a representative from the u201cmanufacturer would be out to inspect the windows! 2 Dec 2014, I called Mr. Eiteljorg to find out what was going on, u201cnot availableu201d! 4 Dec 2014, I called Mr. Eiteljorg to find out what was going on, u201cin a meetingu201d! I finally received a call from Jason who stated a representative would be out to inspect the windows! 20 Jan 2018 a individual showed up, no business card, no name given said he was here to inspect the windows! He looked over the windows and said he would get back to me, have not heard a word as of Mar 12, 2015. I have called Jason three times but not return call! Mailed off a complaint to the States Attorney Generalu2019s office in hopes to get some satisfaction for over $18,000 spent! The windows remain u201cBEIGEu201d with “WHITE” screen frames and attached hardware!

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