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Published: 14 June 2018

Posted by: Anonymously

Centurylink put me on a promotional package for phone and internet last summer (2014) in early June. What they failed to tell me was that they were also slipping in a charge without my knowledge. I only found out about it end of April 2015 when a rep stated something called @Ease was on my account – which had to do with helping you with your computer if you had one (viruses and such). I told the rep I never ordered it and never would order it – as I was hardly ever there – as it is for a rental cabin. They stated that they could only credit back 3 months. I stated that that is insufficient – as the charge was put onto my account fradulently by a rep without telling me about it. Their response? Well – you can review your bill and you might have found it that way. I said really? It is in tiny print at the bottom of a page under Broadband Cost recovery. They hope that no one notices it or questions it, and I certainly didn’t. The only way I knew that the extra charge was on my bill that I never ordered was when I asked a rep about “how can I reduce my bill?” They said the best they could do was credit me 3 months (even though this fraud had been going on for about a year). That is insane. If it was fraudently put on – it should be credited all the way back to the beginning. So I am out 80-90 bucks because they slipped it on without my knowledge. Then I called back to “customer loyalty” and discussed how I could reduce my bill. She said she could reduce it by about 20 bucks a month – including a $10/mo discount for auto-pay. I told her I have been on auto-pay for over a year – why am I not getting a discount for it now? She said – because the rep of the program you went into didn’t tell you about it. Then she hung up on me or we got disconnected (from their end – not mine.)

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