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Published: 18 February 2018

Posted by: Anonymously

On or about 30 January 2015 I received a bill from Century Link addressed to my mother Beverly D. Wicke. My father Paul A. Wicke had assumed the account when she passed away. My father unexpectedly passed away in December 2014. Once I received the bill in the mail I proceeded to call Century Link to notify them of his death. I was also calling to set up my own account with the hopes of keeping the same phone number that my parents had. I spent almost 5 hours between the 30th and 31st on the phone with a nice lady named Lashell who helped with the process. At first she had things set up so that my parent’s account would be closed on February 6th and a new account would be opened for me the same day and get the phone number. Apparently the computer there wouldn’t let her do that. So then Lashell and her supervisor set me up with a transfer of responsibility of the account stating that the past due amount would not carry over to me at all. In fact I was promised a $50 credit for the month of February as compensation for the amount of time it took on the telephone. I also requested that my account be set up without Direct TV or voice mail. I believe the phone calls were recorded. Then today 9 February 2015 I get a past due notice with threat of disconnection addressed to me from Century link including my parent’s past due amount ($522.22). Knowing that there has been a mistake made on the part of CenturyLink I call into billing and request to speak to a supervisor. This took 20 minutes just to get a supervisor on the phone. I began a very rude and condescending conversation with a man named Chuck. He was extremely disrespectful. He told me I had two options, pay the amount due, or close the account and pay the amount due. He told me that I transferred the account to my name and thus it’s now my problem. He also attempted to explain the scenario in context of me taking up payments on my parent’s house for some reason. I explained the conversation stated above to him at least twice and he completely disregarded it. He had the audacity to advise me to pay the bill with my father’s estate. Then when I stated to him that a legally binding contract had been made when over the phone with Lashell, he attempted to disconnect the phone call with me. In fact he attempted to end the phone call several times any time I used the word legal. He accused me of threatening him when I stated that if the matter wasn’t resolved in my favor (that of which was very clearly explained both to him and to myself while on the phone with Lashell) that my next phone call would need to be with an attorney. I did not threaten him, I only stated the matter of course that I would feel compelled to accomplish if I was mistreated as a customer during the phone call. I am a disabled Combat Veteran and no one has ever regarded me with so much condescension and disrespect. I also asked him for contact information for Quality Assurance. Making reference to the recorded agreement that I had been made one the 31st of January 2015 with Lashell. I was inquiring to some type of investigation into the verbal contract that I had made on 31 January 2015 and thus resolve this issue. I agreed to have my deceased parent’s past due amount zeroed out and that I would take over the account effective 31 January 2015 with a zero balance with a $50 credit. Lashell went over what my bill would be for the next couple of months. I was to be given a military discount as well which was another transfer that was made on 31 January 2015. I expect CenturyLink to fulfill their part of the agreement as was stated in the phone call between myself and Lashell which I have reiterated twice in this message. I would also appreciate a written apology. .

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