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Published: 18 June 2018

Posted by: Anonymously

I am a business woman who accepts credit cards regularly. I use square. I pay high rates to avoid contracts. I agreed to sign up for a month-to-month plan (no yearly fees, low processing fees, very low monthly fee) with Cordell Lawson who in turn signed me up for a 3 year lease with a $495 cancellation policy. I told management at Ceres National that a mistake had been made, they sent me a copy of my contract and low and behold it’s not even the contract I signed. They lifted my signature and placed on a nice clean contract with none of my edits. Ceres National told me that I cannot change the terms of my contract. What’s the point of a contract if the terms cannot be changed?! My rep, Cordell Lawson kept pawning me off on Customer Service who could not help me. His manager William Glass pawned me off on customer service. William Glass says he told me it was a contract but my discussion with him had not to do with contract or not a contract but with rates. My face to face rep, Cordell Lawson claims that he was unaware he was signing me up for a contract, but his blocking of my number says otherwise. Worst thing about this, is that I know this guy. In Cordell Lawson’s final conversation with me he told me that he made a lot of money from signing me up and how he was able to pay some bills. WTF!? What about my bills? So, It’s bad out there, credit processing corporations and their henchman will go low to get your money. And if you want out, they’ll debit $495 from your account. Where’s my copy of my original contract? I wasn’t provided one and had another meeting to attend and simply left without taking a photo. I’m paying for that mistake now. I’m having to write this off as a loss. Square has changed the game, so the merchant processors are just robbing and stealing now. My advice, don’t give anyone special credit just because you know them. I read my contract thoroughly, hence my edits. That didn’t help me here because I didn’t have a copy. They will steal your signature. They beat me. They’ve no integrity from the top down. .

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