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Published: 04 January 2019

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I purchased a used Porsche 911 turbo from Certified Benz & Beemer. Contrary to their claims, it was a very high preassured sales tranaction, one that I have come to regret. There where a number of minor issues with the vehicle that one of the Sales Managers, Chris Reyes, assured me would be taken care of. Unfortunately, this is were things began to go very wrong. The manager made an appointment with me to bring the car back some 5 days after the purchase and he guranteed me that all of the repairs would be taken care of and that the dealership would provide me with a loaner car. Upon my arrival, The Service Manager, Tony Lambardo informed me that he was not aware of any of these arrangements and that a loaner car could not be provided. The dealership kept the car for 12 days for which during this time I was forced to use one of my collectable cars. Imagine my surprise when I returned to pick up the car that most of the items where not corrected. This was incredible considering the amount of time they had the vehicle in their possesion. The one thing they did manage to do was put 100 MILES on the car. They did not have my consent to drive the vehicle and as such, they took it upon themselves to place me in a potential very serious liability situation should something had happened. When I picked up the vehicle it was returned to me with the gas tank completely empty. It is my opinion that someone did nothing more then take the car for a joy ride. Their reasoning for not reparing the car completely is actually quite concerning. Most notable is that the rearview mirrior was broken. And, although they did attempt to replace it, they did so with an after market part. They actually were going to place a non OEM part into a Porsche for nothing more then an attempt by them to repair the mirrior on the cheap. Fortunately for me the part did not work correctly and they were forced to get the proper mirrior from Porsche. During this same visit, at my request, I had the factory radio replaced so that I could have Sirus XM in the car. This same manager, Chris Reyes assured me that the dealership would take care of it for me at their cost. I was shocked when I was presented with an invoice of $750.00 to install a $149.00 radio. Again, it is my belief and, there is no doubt in my mind that the dealship was attempting to recover some of their costs for the other repairs. Prior to me paying such an invoice, I took the car to my own vendor do to excessive engine noise coming from the radio. They informed me that the radio was not wired correctly and needed to be re-done at my expense. Additionally, they also let me know that they would have installed the same radio for less then half of what the dealer was attempting to charge me, $335.00. Of course I did not pay the dealer invoice as an offset to the expense I incurred to correct their error. Here is where the situation really becomes unbelievable and makes me begin to believe that Certified Benz & Beemer is an unethical dealership. From the first day of my ownership of the car, the vehicle pulled excessively to the right. The dealer informed me that this was normal for such a car but, they would re-check the allignment. When they returned the car to me, they stated that the alignment was absolutely correct. I was still not satisfied. As such, I took the car to my local Porsche dealership and had them chck the alignment. It came as a shock to me when they let me know that there was no way the car could be alligned correctly as the right side toe arm was bent and the sub-frame was cracked. It was their absolute professional opiniom that an apprentice tech would notice such damage. It was also their opinion that who ever did align the car was aware of the damage and they attempted to compensae for the damage by over tightening the toe arm to the sub-frame which caused the crack. This repair was $3,400.00 and although Certified Benz & Beemer did cover the cost, it is my opiniom that they knowingly tried to hide the damage in hopes that by the time I had my first service at Porsche it would be a number of months later and the expense would have been my problem. The owner of Certified Benx & Beemer, Jack Schneider, claimed to have no knowledge of such damage and that they use a third party vendor for such wheel alingments. He actually attempted to pass the responsibility on to his vendor. This is a joke, as whenever a company uses a vendor, they are responsible for that vendors work. As such, Jack should have taken 100% responsibility. During this repair they kept the car for another 12 days, which now made it a total of 24 days in my first six weeks of ownership. As I was clearly upset after all of the problems I was having and requested the Mr. Schneider compensate me for the loss of the use of my vehicle for the better part of a month and for the fact that they put 100 MILES on my car without my consent. With this, Mr. Schneider requested a personal meeting. I was more then happy to comply. During this meeting, two very unprofessional and one unbelievably dishonest situations were communicated to me. First, Mr. Schneider was clearly not going to compensate me in any way other then taking care of the outrageous rado invoice. The unprofessional and troubling aspect of this is that Mr. Schneider was clearly upset about the cost of the repairs and acted as though he did me a favor by correcting the vehicle. This is just another joke, as all of the repairs are things that should have been cared for prior to the sale, especially the bent toe arm and cracked sub-frame, as these items placed me in a potentially dangerous driving situation. Lastly, the extreme unprofessional and dishonest Sales Manager, Chris Reyes. Mr. Reyes actually communicated to Mr. Schneider that I gave ny consent to drive my car, which was registered and insured in my name, to allow a complete stranger to drive it 100 MILES. Not only is this a blantant lie, this placed me in a potentially very serious liability situation should the driver of the vehicle had a accident. Who in their right mind would give ant dealership such consent. In fact, Mr. Schneider agreed with me. I am not sure whether he was being honest or not. I tend to believe that he was not as Mr. Reyes is still employed at the dealership. I personally am not aware of any business leader knowing that one of his managers was blantantly dishonest about a customer, and that same manager was not dismissed from his or her responsibilities effective immediately and without prejudice. It is my strong opinion that if you are in the market for a used vehicle, you should be very skeptical about Certified Benz & Beemer of Scottsdale. As stated above, you can make your own judgement bssed on my experience but, it is my opinion that this dealership, it’s Sales Manager, Chris Reyes, and the ownership have acted unprofessionally, unethically and dishonestly. I gave them multiple chances to settle this matter fairly and make me whole, they refused. Consider yourself warned. It is my opinio that you should think twice before doing business with Certified Benz & Beemer .

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