Cerritos Nissan And Nissan Consumer Affairs

Cerritos Nissan And Nissan Consumer Affairs

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Published: 29 March 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

I traded in my 2004 Nissan Maxima on 8/25/07 for a new 2007 Nissan Maxima. During the financing I requested that the extended warranty be cancelled at least 3 different times on the 2004 Maxima that was being traded in. At first they told me that I would have to go back to the dealership where I purchased the original vehicle. When I explained that Cerritos Nissan had been servicing the vehicle, then they agreed to submit the paperwork for me. When I still did not have the refund by the end of November I contacted Cerritos Nissan and left 4 messages (the last one with the manager of the finance department) requesting the status of the payment, not a single person returned my phone call. On December 4th, I took the day off from work to go into the dealership and only then did Stephanie May tell me that 1. They did not cancel my warranty and 2. They did not have the paperwork for the cancellation. During the financing process I had to sign a paperwork that they were recording the transaction. I asked Stephanie to review the tape to see that the paperwork was filled out and should have been processed. She would not respond to that. She said that because I did not purchase the warranty from Cerritos that they could not cancel it. I had to go back to Power Nissan or go through Nissan directly. She gave me an 800 number to call to cancel it. It was 800-362-4111 and the message clearly states that the warranty can be cancelled at any Nissan Dealership. I got the feeling that because Cerritos Nissan did not sell it to me originally, they tossed the paperwork without following up and letting me know that they would not process it. I told Stephenie May that she might want to listen to the message that Nissan North America is telling consumers before giving out bad information. Only then did she agree to FAX the paperwork to Nissan to get it cancelled. She provided me with a FAX confirmation that said the FAX was transmitted on 12/4/07 and 12:34pm. I contacted the 800 number again on 12/18 to find out the status and was informed that it still has not been cancelled and that I have to submit paperwork via the US mail to get it cancelled. I also submitted a formal complaint to Nissan North American on 12/18 and recieved a confirmation that they recieved the correspondence on 12/19 and provided a file number. All paperwork was mailed on 12/18. As of 1/11 Nissan still had not contacted me, I responded to the confirmation email above to let them know that it has been 3 weeks and I still had not been contacted. On 1/18 I received a response to that email saying sorry for the delay and to keep working with your representative; “what representative??”. I also called the 800 number they had listed in the email to check the status of the mailed documents from 12/18 and was told that there was no refund pending and paperwork had not been received. Out of frustration I threatened to go to the BBB, Attorney General and list this issue on every rip-off site I could find; only then did “my representative” call me (Nadia) on this same date who asked me to fax all documents to her, which I did. Contacted the 800 number again on 1/31 to check the status since there was no follow-up to find out that there is still no status update. Beware before purchasing extended warranties! Mechelle La Palma, CaliforniaU.S.A.

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