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Published: 10 February 2018

Posted by: Anonymously

We recently bought a beautiful Black Jaguar XJ from these crooks. We are very dissatisfied with what happened once we drove it off the lot. The dealership is located in South Scottsdale and we live in North Scottsdale. Once we completed the purchase and paperwork at CBB we started driving home and couldn’t wait to show our friends and family. We had driven only about 5 miles from their dealership when we began hearing a strange noise. Since we weren’t familiar with Jaguar cars and they had assured us it had gone through a thorough 250 point inspection we deduced it was just our unfamiliarity with the brand. That is until the car just stopped running altogether and left us stranded in 110 degree heat. We were flabbergasted, frustrated and pissed off. We immediately called CBB and told them what happened. We were fuming after they had the odacity to ask us what we had done to the car. It took us threatening the owner, Jack, that we would go to the attorney general to get them to do anything about the situation. Although they did have the car towed back to their dealership and repaired the car, we are not happy. Things like this should not occur when we had just spent over $45,000 with them and it shouldn’t take us threatening to go to the AG to get good customer service. We will never do business with them and will tell everyone we know what happened. BUYER BEWARE!!

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