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Published: 25 April 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

I put my van on craigslist to sell on December 2013. A certified car bank sales rep. got a hold of me and said they could sell my vehicle for me with $500 to advertise then I would get refunded the $500 back when the vehicle sold. They were going to add $500 to the $16,000.00 I was asking for. They sent me the contract I signed and sent back only under the assumption that I had a guaranteed buyer already awaiting this vehicle, according to the finance manager. They sound initially like a legit company,the receptionist calls transfers you to the finance manager and so forth. DO NOT DO BUSINESS with this company. They told me that they have a buyer for me and my van would be sold in 2 weeks. Jason Smith, the sales rep., has also told me that he had other buyers line up for the van if this one fell through. After setting up the advertisement, I didn’t hear from the company in 3 weeks. By then, I did my follow up and was given the run around how the buyer didn’t qualify for the purchase and they have to pursue another buyer. Time passed by and every time I called, I was told that buyers are low balling the offer and they haven’t got a solid offer for me. By now, I was told by the VP of Sales that his entire sales floor is on my case and it should be sold fairly quickly. More time passed by and nothing from this company. Many phone calls later to no solutions. I was able to sell the van on my own. I call the company for a refund and they told me that it has passed the refund date and the best they can do for me is another empty promises below. This is their last email to me on June 2, 1014 “Thank you for speaking with us today, we understand you sold the vehicle on your own making the one time fee non refundable after our 3 day grace period but as a thank you for using our services CCB is offering a free listing with our company valued at $500 at anytime in 2014 and a complimentary redeemable restaurant voucher valued at $600 as a form of compensation. Please follow the step by step process to redeem the cash back rewards program. Please reply to this email with ” I accept and consider this matter closed ” to process the request for the vouchers asap.” This email was sent to me on June 2, 2014. I called them again today, 7/30/2014, almost two months since this deal was done. I was told that the vouchers has been delayed and they will send it to me as soon as they have them. I was irate at this time and told them that this is unacceptable. I waited 5 months and you guy didn’t sell my van and now it has been 2 more months and I haven’t received my vouchers. The same vouchers that was supposedly sent out after 7 days of receiving my email considered the matter closed. The guy on the phone was telling me that my file is flagged for a call as soon as the vouchers arrived. So I asked him why is there a delay? I was told that the voucher company has some issues that needed to be resolve prior to releasing the vouchers. The prior excuses was that they only received 6 vouchers at a time and will release them in the order it was received. What kind of lame excuses is this? This company is a SCAM and FRAUD with deceptive practice. They pressure you into signing the agreement and will promise you that your vehicles will be sold in 2 weeks. This company has to be STOP. I will be contacting consumer affairs, BBB and all governing body to stop this type of company.

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