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Quality over quantity but schools like CES Real Estate School prefers quantity over quality.

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Published: 06 August 2019

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CES Real Estate School offers live and online real estate pre-licensing courses. They also help students in appearing for the California real estate exam. They claim they have the highest ratio of student success rate and are the most popular. The CES Real Estate School claims they have one of the best materials for preparing for the exam which guarantees you 100% success. Students desiring to enter real estate can opt for real estate school which prepares them for exams. But schools like CES Real Estate School are money makers, compromise on education. Students who invest their time and money get prepared for a school like this and they get nothing in return. Though CES Real Estate School guarantees 100% success they haven’t been able to do so. Latest reviews from students show that they were highly disappointed after getting admission there. The teachers were unprofessional as they lack knowledge; no real-life examples were discussed in classes which made it even harder for them to get a hold on the topic and to understand it clearly. Students have a concern that learning procedure they follow is very poor and much of the information they teach is also available on the internet.
Students dreaming to get into real estate have to go through an exam and for its preparation, they choose real estate schools like CES. One of the students was employed but had to study at the same time so he got admission there and he was promised by CES Real Estate School a guaranteed success. He chose the online classes but due to lack of commitment from CES Real Estate School, his career was now on the bottom line. The learning material which was provided can be easily found on the internet and the material which was provided was also not updated. So ultimately he had to change his school to get the desired result.
When you commit you to deliver but CES Real Estate School hasn’t done it so far. One of the students who saw their ad went to open house and was assured that by the end of the course he would not only make enough money to repay the tuition but that he would be making money hand over fist. Turns out it was all a lie. The student dedicated his 6 months towards this course, as he was a working man he had to manage his time accordingly. All they did was making money and had no concern what the students were going through or had to go through because of them.
One of the students reported that the courses at CES Real Estate School are so expensive yet the students don’t achieve anything at the end. The instructors at CES Real Estate School lack the knowledge and they don’t respond to student problems.  Their responsiveness is the reason why students at CES Real Estate School have a really bad experience and suggest everyone not to get admitted to schools like these where the money is the priority.

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