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Published: 31 December 2019

Posted by: clos001

First, their interview they ask you if you can make it to the office to work, and they know that you don’t have a job and that the economy is bad. So what they do is they make you drive your own car to the job site, no incentive for gas or maintenance, then start you even if you have a little experience or not at 8.50$ hr, and if you have experience may be at 10.00$ hr, no matter if you wen to school for HVAC Tech or not. How can you support your family with 8.50$hr. Im not asking 20.00$ hr or even 14.00$ hr, but at least what the kind of work you do is worth. I believe McDonald’s pay more. Second they work you out until they want you too. Over time is if you don’t move from the job site but if you do they start taking 15 min the first 30 min and after 30 min is an hr, if you go with their truck, they have GPS on their trucks. Third, they told you that you will get a review after 90 days probation for .50 cents more. Its been 6 months and they haven’t even call me for it, some people wait 1 yr for it. They always have attitude when you go to the office like you owe them something and they don’t even say good morning. What kind of company is this? They treat you like slaves and not pay. Be careful to purchase something too, they do bad things to the customer and they charge too much for it and you will have to call back for repairs.

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