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Published: 03 June 2018

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You say it sounds sketchy because they want to HELP you financially so it can work for you. How is that a bad thing? I would be worried if it was the opposite. I’ve auditioned for other companies and they all want the money upfront and won’t work with you. After auditioning for them and realizing everything they offer you, it’s worth it. As an actor for many years, they offer a professional acting reel which, to me, is priceless. When you’re up for a job or role people, an acting reel can close a deal for you. I am a performer for many years and I know this is how it works. The agents and casting directors that attend are the best in the business. Phill, Adrian and Jonathan know these people personally because this is what they do for a living. It either works for you or it doesn’t but I know they are doing their best to make it, financially, work for me and I appreciate Phill, Adrian and Jonathan for that! I feel safe with them because they are the owners and have a ton of work on which validates them. I would be worried about investing your money into anyone who is not on IMDB. That website set the standard for show business. Good luck everyone!

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