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Published: 17 December 2020

Posted by: Anonymous

That dude Robert and company has been pressuring me to buy another car from them because the one I have is almost paid off. I refused many times to trade or buy another car, I guess they got tired of me saying no, they took the oppurtunity since I was behind a little bit to repo my car last week. I spoke with Robert before hand maybe a month earlier about the note and he said these words: “I don’t want that car, if I wanted it I would been done got it” Well that was a lie, because he order it to be pick-up. Before the repo, I had paid on the car several times, but yet was a little behind because it was near paid off, when they saw I wasn’t interested in another car from their over tasking a*s, he pick it up right before pay-off………So I rushed out to retrieve the car back by paying over $500.00 near rent time, just owed $1.300 total on the car. Those devils tried to either pressure me into another car or just plain take the car that I had worked so hard to pay off. This dude suggest that I rewrite the remaining $1.300 on car note to make it show I’m ahead, and stretching out my note for 4 more months before pay off. I plan to pay it off a lot sooner to close that account, because those people are crazy and messy. This is the kicker, someone call me the next day several time from that office asking me to come in a get another car without any money down or without a trade in, I said no thanks! If anyone like to be toyed around and stressed out this is the dealership for you. However, if you can’t stand stress or stressful situation go elsewhere.

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