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Published: 30 April 2019

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Calling someone a scam without even going to what you paid for and seeing for yourself what is true or not seems dishonest. Whats interesting, is this morning I am searching the internet for deals and properties as chad’s team is having me do and I stumble upon this blog. Curiousity got the best of me so I read it. I have had a different experience–as have most the people I know who have joined his program. They provided what they said and in the last 6 months since paying th 39k to them I have done two flips and have recouped that investment. Call me stupid, but knowledge takes money. I wasn’t naïve enough to think that after 3 days in a class that I would have all the needed info to become an investor. It was a starting point. Got my foot in the door. And just like any other company, they offer additionals services for an additional cost. I have worked hard at this. Chad’s team actually funded my first deal–which I made money on and so did they. There is nothing wrong with that. People seem to either play a victim role and blame others for their lot in life, or they make things happen no matter what. Its an education people. Go spend thousands on a university education to get employed and that’s okay to do. but to spend tthousands on an education to become self employed in real estate that must be a scam. Interesting mind set and different way of thinking. the problem lies in between the ears of an individual with how they think about money. Its a tool. yet too often we are taught to work hard to make money, keep it, hold onto it, pay bills with it. But to think to invest it people get scared of losing it. Then by 65 when they look at retirement they wonder why they can’t retire comfortabley. interesting. I would imagine that those posting negative things about chad’s team or group, are folks who live pay check to pay check mostly–work for other people– and live in a bubble of blame. just guessing

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