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Published: 04 February 2018

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Was really excited to go to Chad Chiniqys Real Estate Training to Find, Fund and Flip properties. After the one hour session at the Sheraton Lax my husband and I agreed to the $1267 sign up to join Chads team and get help to get started as an investor. At the one hour program he stated that we would get mentored and have someone give us the ropes on how to get started for $1267 at a 3 day training class the following week. His team of people 1st lured us in with paying for a 3 day training for $1267. Not knowing that we would be Sheraton lunches worth $15 per day, and the team telling us that they paid for all of our lunches out of the $1267.00 We were so mislead that at the before the ending of the 3rd day of training. They really had us thinking that we will get started buying houses as soon as possible. They finally broke our hearts and said this is not all the training. We charge $48,000 to get started !! We felt so sad and misled. That we had to pay our hard earned money of $1267 to just get a little information and not be joined to the team. And to think God will punish these rich liars, because there was actually two homeless people that took their last to go to a 3 days class from 8-5pm to waste their time to tell them and laugh in their face or seem to look so caring for the homeless saying “Oh, you thought you were in with $1,267.00, nooo, ha, ha, ha, its $48,000.” And even when Chad showed up he told everyone that people pay the $48,000 (their hard earned money mind you) and dont even do anything. I really was disgusted and he was smiling like they are so fair. Its so wrong what you do Chad. So sad. WHAT DOES IT PROFIT A MAN TO GAIN THE WORLD AND LOSE HIS SOUL? Mark 8:36 Dont get lied to by spending a thousand only to make you feel so special like your are in and then get told your are not in until you pay thousands. .

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