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Published: 11 September 2020

Posted by: Anonymous

If you could realistically recommend a lawyer for the u201cother partyu201d to seek legal counsel from, it would be Guy Burns. Look up the definition of shyster in any dictionary of your choice, and it will no doubt accurately describe Guy Burns of Chadeayne Burns & Leachman in Tracy, California. Guy Burns promises his clients the moon when they first consult him, but he knows that he will not deliver on any of those promises. If you go to him and believe his smooth, folks talk, thatu2019s on you. But do not say that you were not warned. Guy Burns will tell you that your case will be over quickly, that any judge worth his gavel will easily see that you are the wronged party and that whomever you are opposing in court has little to no legal standing to refute your claims. Unfortunately, Guy Burns will also drop the ball countless times and purposely cause your u201cquicku201d case to drag out over several years instead of just a few months. Guy Burns, on several occasions, will also fail to put the proper paperwork through the correct channels in the courts, and he will let the opposing lawyer walk all over him in court and will allow that lawyeru2019s client to do the same. Be prepared for the judge in the case to reprimand your lawyer u2018 and you by proxy u2018 due to the disrespectful and unethical behavior he will no doubt bring into the courtroom. When it comes to standing up for your rights, Guy Burns is spineless. You would do better to represent yourself in court, especially after the case has been settled and you realize that Guy Burns has allowed you to be kicked around the courtroom by the other side. Guy Burns doesnu2019t care if you hate him by the time the case is over. You may never seek his legal advice ever again, and heu2019s perfectly okay with that, because what are the chances youu2019d ever find yourself getting a divorce again in the near future? Basically, Guy Burns is a one-off lawyer. He represents people who usually only needs his type of services once. It really makes no difference what your opinions of him are since youu2019d most likely not be a return client even if he had properly represented you? Since heu2019s such a terrible lawyer and will never earn clients based on positive word-of-mouth referrals, he instead attracts nau00efve clients who walk in off the street in downtown Tracy, and then he strings them along for years, racking up charges for doing absolutely nothing, allowing you to be obliterated in court, and then sending you an enormous bill that he demands you pay immediately. Guy Burns avoids your calls, charges you when he actually does return your call, charges you when he sends you pointless letters by mail, refuses to act upon your requests to the point that you wonder if heu2019s secretly working for the other side, requires that you act like a private investigator to dig up information he should already have access to, loses that information repeatedly, forgets to submit proper paperwork in a timely manner, offends the presiding judge with his rude manners and unethical conduct, and quite literally leaves his clients in tears as they realize that their own lawyer has essentially thrown the case simply so he could string them along and u201cnickel and dimeu201d them into poverty instead of just doing the job that he was hired to do in the first place. There are plenty of good lawyers out there. However, Guy Burns of Chadeayne Burns & Leachman is not one of them. Do some research before settling on this shyster. If you choose to hire him, just donu2019t ever say that I never warned you.

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