Champlain Spine and Pain management

Champlain Spine and Pain management

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Published: 06 March 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

I have been a patient of this practice for 6 years now. I have paid thousands and thousands of dollars out of my own pocket for constant visits they insist I go to to take my co-pay to rush me in and out, multiple rounds of different injections, back braces and tens units..I could go on and on the things I have paid for there in hopes of being pain free at 36 years old. Earlier this year when my insurance changed over, they “forgot” to resubmit a claim to the new insurance company that they had been given the information on for dozens of times. I have asked them at least ten times now to please resubmit as I kept getting the full bill in the mail with threats of placing me into collections. On one of my visits, the receptionist told me that if I wanted to be seen, I must pay them money for that bill. I again explain that they needed to resubmit it to my insurance and I wasn’t able to do that, that they had to. She said well, either you give us something today or we will not see you and then charge you a no show fee as well. I gave them some money even though it needed to be paid through my insurance. The receptionist continued to tell me I must send money every third Thursday and I said ok even though again I shouldnt be paying this bill!! As most people, life takes over and sometimes you forget to do things, I realized 3 days after that third Thursday that I better send them money or they will threaten to discharge me as a patient so I sent DOUBLE what my normal payment should have been in good faith. When I got home yesterday, I received a letter in the mail from their supervisor stating that she and everyone in the practice no longer wants me as a patient as I was 3 days late on my payment and they were discharging me as a patient and told me to seek medical treatment elsewhere. What doctors office does this? If they took the time to look at my file they would see what was happening and how many times I asked for help to resubmit the claim, not to mention this is all over $200!!! You discharge a long term patient who actually works 60 hours a week and doesnt want to live in your office, over your neglect of not resubmitting a claim?? I have continued to see them because I am young and have horrible back problems and pray something will help, I dont want to be there, i dont want to waste money and time on a doctor who rushes me out to see how many more patients he can pack in and take their money and then to send the letter they sent is absolutely disgusting. Don’t waste your time and money on this practice. They just want money, money and more money and you will never get the help you truly need. Take the trip to Vermont and see real doctors!!

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