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Published: 16 April 2020

Posted by: [email protected]

[protected]@gmail.comRespected Sir/Madam, This Complaint Is Regarding Construction Of Houses Illegally Extending without a mcd permission and a plan. The house number is #350/2 sector 41A, Chandigarh. He has already occupied the space on the illegal 4th floor. Now, he is extending the houses over the garage region by constructing the pillars & creating problem to others. We Request The Concern Authorities To Come Have A Check On The Constructing Houses #350/2, & few nearby houses And Stop Those Illegal Constructions. Sir it can b very dangerous kindly help us regarding public welfare before some tragedy occurs. Hence We Request The Authorities To Stop These Kinds Of Illegal Activities And Take Quick Action On The Above Mentioned House Owners. Your Punishment Towards This Complaint Should Be Like A Lesson To Them & Also As A CAUTION To The Others. Thanks & Regards.

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