Chaney's Towing & Recovery - Ron Chaney's Towing & Recovery

Chaney's Towing & Recovery - Ron Chaney's Towing & Recovery

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Published: 27 March 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

I was visiting my daughter’s apartment in Ft Myers where she attends the University. She lives in Coastal Village Apartments and there is not any guest parking around her building. I later found out it is located on the front on the development. During my short visit my car was towed. Special note: I have a heart condition that requires medication and I become short of breath for extended walks. When we contacted the Towing company (this was on a Sunday) they told us it was $265 and they only accept cash. Since I was not from the area and had to leave to go home, I had no recourse but to pay the ransom, and ransom is what it was. The written bill I received has no address, the wrong phone numbers, and no business licensing numbers. When I inquired from the very intimating attendant, he roughly told me that was all that was required of them by law. After I told my daughter that I will be filing a complaint, the attendant adjusted his math and the new amount was $25 less to be a new total of $240. This along with added hand written charges confirmed to me the flexibility of the charges. I refer to the attendant because he refused to identify himself and his signature is not readable. His main goal it seems was to shake down and intimate 2 women. I strongly supect that the apartment complex gets a kick-back from this shady contract. Susan WEST PALM BEACH, FloridaU.S.A.

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