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Published: 29 March 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

I hired Channel Linx/Linx Talent/PD Staffing (they seem to have had several names in the last year alone which should have been a red flag – owned by Matt Cook and Christian Rose) to help me with staffing of my roadshows. | Matt begged for our business and we gave him a chance. What followed was a disaster. Not only was he unable to staff our shows, but we received constant calls from Costco, complaining about the staffing, making our company look bad. | I find out later, that they had lied to me and bait and switched me. I was led to believe that I was going to have an experienced program manager running my account, and was even initially introduced to one, who I liked, and was excited to work with. I didn’t get that program manager however. | They gave me, I found out later, a brand new, untested girl from the Philippines (never telling me that this Manager I was in contact with was overseas – outsourced). Apparently Channel Linx is trying to cut as many corners as they can because they are struggling to get by, and are not transparent with their clients as to how their service will suffer. | I find out later that they outsourced CALL CENTER employees in the Philippines to replace all their experienced Project Managers. This team in the Philippines was only given 2 weeks of training before they began running my account. Apparently, the stateside person in charge of the Philippines team told Matt Cook several times that the team wasn’t ready, that the team needed months of training to learn a new job, and that he didn’t even know if they team could handle the positions, but Matt ignored him and gave me a call center employee with almost no training and zero experience to run my roadshow program to save Channel Linx money. | The results were a disaster and looking back, a disaster is the only thing you could expect out of this situation. Poor business decisions on the side of Matt Cook to put my company at risk so Channel Linx could save a dollar! And apparently they fired the person who warned Matt about the team not being ready, blaming him for the failure, when all along he was telling Matt that the team needed more time, and that the manage i was given specifically wasn’t learning their training, but Matt refused to listen and gave me basically someone off the street to run my program. | With all the days that Matt was unable to staff my shows, and the booths sat vacant, the “manager” was unresponsive to my communication, Matt was unresponsive to my communication, and it cost me thousands in lost sales and almost caused me to lose my account with Costco. | I felt like Matt himself, wasn’t doing everything he could for me to give me good service, meaning he did no actual work himself to help solve the issues. He seemed content to just delegate to unskilled people and not personally get his hands dirty to fix my problems. | Never again and never should you. Run from this company. There’s a reason they are so small and cannot hang on to clients.

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