Chapman Bell Road Imports

Chapman Bell Road Imports

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Published: 26 January 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

Wow where do i start! First off i called the dealership to take my car in to be serviced since my vehicle was overheating, but still running just fine! I spoke to a service rep Wayne who after receiving my car from the roadside assistance said that i needed: a new radiator,new radiator hoses,thermostat,and a coolant flush and the diagnostic reading: quoting me $1030.00 not even including tax….. Now me being a female and single mother of two thought that was ALOT of money but since i am the only one working decided to have them work on it asap since i took the next day off of work since i would not have my car. The next morning my father who works on cars all the time said that the price quoted was WAY too much money so i decided to call around. I ended up calling Larry miller hyundai and was told the price not including tax would only be about 720.00 plus tax? Now do the math, that is a BIG difference! I ended up calling Chapman bell road imports back Furious and demanded to speak to a manager to find out why i was overpriced! While waiting on hold forever i finally was connected to a service manager Eddie ruiz who explained to me that the price i was quoted was the price for more expensive parts but that they had cheaper parts that would be around the price of $725.00. Now again me being female and not knowing anything about cars i became furious to find out that Wayne the service rep decides to charge me for the more expensive parts and doesnt even give me the decision to make myself! After complaining to Eddie the service manager he tells me that he will take care of the price and help me out. I feel alittle at ease but then when i go to pick up my car almost 15 hours later, i find out after paying for service that isnt even finished my car drives like CRAP! i drive back to the dealership and ask Eddie the service manager if he or the people who worked on my car even drove it to see that its not driving right… He begins to tell me that they drove it and made sure it didnt overheat and that was it, altho my car now after they worked on it when u drive it is chugging and sounding like it wants to stall! He then Rudely says that they will look at it in the morning and he will get back to me! Now again i have alrdy missed one day of work …now i AGAIN have no car tomarrow, So AGAIN i am missing work again because they have no clue what they are doing! I then ask for a rental or something for the inconvience of them not fixing my car and am told that they will have it resolved early tomarrow morning….. like that helps me tonight/or tomarrow for work???? I cannot believe how awful i have been treated and how dishonest this company is about pricing service repairs and now i feel like since i called them out on over pricing me that they have done something to my vehicle! I advise anyone who goes there make sure to call around and even then makes sure that you trust them cuz i know i will NEVER take my car to them AGAIN! I have alrdy filed a complaint with there consumer affairs dept and i plan on now going threw the better business bureau and if they do not fix my car i plan on taking it higher up! Valarie glendale, ArizonaU.S.A.

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