Chapman BMW Collision Repair, Tempe, AZ

Chapman BMW Collision Repair, Tempe, AZ

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Published: 09 December 2020

Posted by: Anonymous

After taking 3 different quotes. I decided to get it fixed with Chapman BMW. Other 2 quotes were lower, their hourly rate was less than $90 vs. Chapman BMW was $120. The reason, I went with them was they have BMW in their name, So I thought they will be able to repair my X5 properly. After all the fixes, when I got my car back. Driver Seat power controls did not work, which was working fine before I gave it to them. They did not take the responsibility of fixing it. There are 3 motors/actuators for the power seat. All 3 stopped working at the same time. This is going to cost me more than $800, on top of $4300 they charged!!! I would avoid this shop at all cost. In case, if you need to go there make sure to get a signature of the sales person on the paper work about all the power-seats, windows, strereos, moonroof, etc. are working fine. Have fun! -Rick

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