Chapman BMW, LLC

Chapman BMW, LLC

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Published: 14 December 2020

Posted by: Anonymous

In the Fall of 2016 I had a non-BMW mechanic diagnose my girlfriend’s car. He said the computer was bad and needed replaced. He couldn’t replace the computer himself because it would require programming. This is something that can only be done at a dealership, so he was going to sub-contract the work out to a dealership. Stupid me, thinking I would save money by simply taking the car to a dealership myself ended up costing me far more. Thinking I was smart, I went to the closest BMW dealership I could find, which was Chapman BMW in Chandler, AZ. I explained to them the car needed a new computer and they said they DO NOT RELY ON ANOTHER MECHANICS DIAGNOSTICS AND WOULD HAVE TO DIAGNOSE IT THEMSELVES. I thought whatever! Was I wrong!!! They said the computer was perfectly fine and the car only needed a throttle body. For the price of $1400.00 they would have her car working like it was brand new. After they finished the car it did the same thing it did previously. I felt totally ripped off!!! I then had the privous mechanic take over. He bought a rebuilt computer and sub-contracted the work to a dealership he was comfortable with. After that, we had no more problems. But I still felt ripped off by Chapman BMW. At first I thought of complaining to the Better Business Bureau. But, after advisement of friends I heard that the Better Business Bureau is nothing but Deadbeats out to help Deadbeats. The employees of the Better Business Bureau actually use their position to manipulate businesses into giving them free work to keep from being black-listed with the Better Business Bureau. I actually heard of employees of the Better Business Bureau writing bad checks to pay for services and using their position to get out of paying their debt. Even worse the Better Business Bureau can actually be paid by a Business to keep a “A” rating. What really upset me about using the Better Business Bureau was the fact that they use what is called, “Arbitration”. Therefore, if I was to win the case, there is no court record, no bad credit rating, no nothing for my benefit and no way to appeal the decision. With that being the case how do I get paid??? I could actually spend hours of my time and get nothing with the Better Business Bureau. They are more the lower class population that can’t afford to spend $38.00 to file in Small Claims Court, or afraid to use a real court because of past criminal experiences with criminal courts. After careful consideration, I decided to take Chapman BMW to Small Claims Court! On February 10, 2017 the San Marcos Justice Court awarded us $507.00 for their faulty work. To this day April 4th, 2017 we still have not received settlement for our judgement. I feel everyone in Arizona should know that Chapman BMW does not know how to work on the cars they sell and if they do take a guess at it and fail, they will not pay you if you after being awarded a court judgment. Since I used a real court and not some Kangaroo Court called The Better Business Bureau I now have proof. Long ago when I was young and poor, I used the Better Business Bureau. It was the biggest joke known to man!!! To this day, I still can’t prove it, nor was I ever paid by the business. I bet having a real court case, the internet, and Ripoff Scams dot com I will get paid and I will save many people from being ripped off by the Better Business Bureau and Chapman BMW!

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