Chapman Dodge Jeep Las Vegas

Chapman Dodge Jeep Las Vegas

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Published: 23 March 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

DON”T BUY A VEHICLE FROM THIS DEALER — They are not a good company to deal with. They are very seamy, deceptive and fraudulent in their activities. I will be taking my case to the Nevada Attorney General and probably the Federal Trade Commission it is so serious. Here is what happened … you be the judge if you want to buy from a dealer like this; I was sent a e-mail advertisement offering “BUY ANY NEW DODGE OR JEEP AND PAY NO PAYMENTS UNTIL 2013” In my mind, and probably your mind, and hopefully the mind of an overseeing commission somewhere, this means if you buy a new Dodge or Jeep, you will not have to pay any payments for a year. Happy with that idea, I proceeded with a deal to buy a new Jeep Wrangler Sahara. What a great machine! We agreed on a price for the vehicle of $39,000 Out-the-Door and I proceeded to finance. Finance is where the crooks start lining up to defraud you. Nothing they talk about is in terms of how much it costs, just how much more per month it would add to your payment. They asked, can you afford this payment, and I said yes. Do you want a lifetime warranty on the vehicle, gap insurance and an alarm with a two year 100% replacement guarantee for $18 a month …sure that makes sense for $1296. All of the sudden the total amount financed is incredibly higher than the agreed OTD cost of the vehicle and the $1296 add-on. Wow … the NO PAYMENTS deal is really an illegal rip off where they pad the price of the vehicle and the add-ons and tell you they will be making the monthly payments. I objected to this principal because I would be paying the sales tax on the “padded” funds and I would be paying interest in the money padded to the lender to pay the payments. The dealer agreed to absorb these fees and make the deal go through. I think in the world of auto finance, this is committing FRAUD to the TD Auto Finance Company to pad their contract so the dealer can make payments from the deal funding. I was set back by this, but the dealer told me this is the only way they can offer NO PAYMENTS since the FTC changed enacted laws preventing scams like this. Now the dealer sends me a check and tells me to pay my own payments, but when you add up the agreed cost of the vehicle, the $1296 add-ons, the down payment, the dealer is drastically shorting me enough money to cover the payments, the costs of the payments, and the difference between the financed amount and what I really owed. What a FRAUD and a RIP OFF !!!

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