Charak Center For Health and Wellness

Charak Center For Health and Wellness

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Published: 21 February 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

We went to an appointment on 9/27/17 to meet with the Therapist. That appointment went well and I really liked Dr. Cooper who was going to be seeing my daughter. Today 9/29/17 we had an appointment to see the Psychologist about her medications. After checking in the girl at the front desk said I had a 300.00 balance. I said we were just here 48 hours ago how could I have a balance. She replied “I don’t know but that’s what it says.” My insurance info and everything was listed and said the manager would come talk to me. Almost 2 hours later no manager came out and we still sat in the waiting room. They had take in all the patients that were there before us and the ones that came after us. My daughter had fallen asleep in the chair. I went to the window and told the woman I wanted my copay back and we would find Dr.s elsewhere. She left for a moment and came back and said they don’t do refunds and the practice manager would come out to speak with me. When I asked why they don’t do refunds when people did not even see anyone and no service was provided, she replied they can’t once it is in the system. I told the girl then expect that copay as payment in full for the last visit and that I would never be back and I am reporting them to the BBB and the Board. I manage an office and with what I seen today with almost everyone coming in being told they had balances or were wiped off schedules etc. I was floored. Never have I been in such an unprofessional medical building like this in my life! If they cannot run a business and keep up with the clientele how can they keep with with the patients mental health well being and needs? I did contact my insurance company and made them aware of this situation, should this place try and bill them or us for never seeing a provider. I made them aware as well I was contacting the BBB and other outlets. Another thing I want to add, when you are filling out your first time patient paperwork be careful of the last page. It is a medical release form for records. They have you do a blind sign on it. This leaves them open to making copies and putting in any recipient they want in the blank field. I found this odd and questioned it the first day I was there with my daughter and refused to sign it unless they filled in the blank recipient they were sending it to. The receptionist tore it off the packet and threw it out. When we were in with the therapist she asked about the form and I told her what he (receptionist) had done with it and why I would not sign it she stated I had to or legally they could not release my daughters records to me. I said give me another one and I will fill it out with MY NAME as the recipient. She told me not to worry about it that day and that they would have another one for me at the next appointment.

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